26 March 2012

A Challenge (Results)

And the results are in.

Firstly, the correct title for this post and the one before should definitely be 'Looking for Trouble'.

Secondly, its official. I can't sew a straight line to save my life.

Photographic evidence:

This is my handiwork, duly pieced, and pressed. I measured, and pinned and pressed (and hemmed and hawed - pun intended!) and still I can't line up my seams.


Oh well. 

On the bright side (yay!):

(1)  I guess this means that I can revert to sewing with reckless abandon (double yay!). My seams are just as crooked either way; AND

(2) I get to make a mug rug - my first, can you believe it?

Now this was definitely fun making, hu hu.

Coffee break calling!


Mila@Rimbun said...

making the coffee tastier than before :). I like the purple combination too

MamaDaniel said...

wanting to do this for so long time.. tapi tak terbuat-buat.. hehehe...

blue.. memang cun!