13 March 2012

Scrap Busting Part II

Remember all those scraps I cut into the other day?

Well, I've used up the 3" squares, and made a cute little patchwork seat cover, hu hu!

It never ceases to amaze me how patchwork can transform a bunch of mismatched fabric into something pretty. The seat cover is patched on both sides, so it's pretty much reversible.

(Hmm, think we really need to repaint the chair).

I love how it's really soft and fluffy too. Might go off and make another one now.

Hope everyone's having a happy week!


MamaDaniel said...

wow! wow! wow! sgt rajin tau..
dan sangat cantik.. fabric mmg magic kan.. ;)

p/s: my sewing chair needs a new chair pad! macam teringin nak try buat chair pad gak la.. ;)

Zara said...

Yes, MamaD! You must try it if you get the chance. Is the perfect way to use up those leftover bits of fabric. Kisses to the little ultramans!