27 July 2011

Quilt (Back) in a Day

I have my quilt back ready to go!

This part was easy enough, just piecing together 2 types of fabric.

The main fabric is some I sourced locally about a year ago (has it been that long??) from textile shop here in Ampang. I bought this originally intending to make ironing board covers... I'm glad I didn't, because I love how it's turned out on this quilt back.

I've added a strip of yellow fabric from the Dream On range for some variety, and also to make up the width.

I'm particularly loving this quilt back, as it reminds me of sunny days outdoors. Think: Lolling about on the grass, daisy chains and butterflies - bliss!

Next up - quilting in a day?

24 July 2011

Quilt (Top) in a Day

After piecing together my string quilt, I needed a nice and easy project. One that was fairly quick, with no measurements, no calculations, no trial and error (read : no seam ripper!).

And what easier way to piece a quilt I ask, than to use charm packs.

Now I lurrrve charm packs, as if you don't know already :-)

So into my sewing cupboard I went, and picked out a couple of these lovelies:

(Sorry, I did take a proper photo of the REAL charms, together with some coordinating fabric, but it's disappeared now, can't find it anywhere in the camera...)

Then I played around with them for a bit.

And took them to my old Singer,

And then in all of one afternoon, voila! :

Let's see that again, ehehee!

Yummy, yum yum :-)

Happy week ahead everyone!

10 July 2011

Stringed Top Finished

This one took a little while, didn't it?

Better late than never, though, I say, so here is the finished quilt top:

Materials used:
1 Honey Bun (I used Moda's Hello Betty)
About 1/2 yard solid white
1 yard solid green.

And let me tell you thank goodness I only needed 1 yard of the green, because it was all I had of this particular shade, and I would have been in trouble if I needed more as I can't remember exactly what the solid is. I think it's Bella Solid in Pistachio, but I'm not sure...

I'm not quilting this one just yet. Mainly because I haven't enough batting, but also because I haven't decided how I want to quilt it yet.

Should I stick to straight lines, or should I attempt some free motion? Suggestions most welcome... :-)

For the backing I'm using a black and white print, which I hope will complement the black and white prints in the Honey Bun. This is also from Moda, but the name of the print escapes me now. I've got it pieced on the vertical with some leftover strips.

Quilting soon. 

Or not so soon. We'll see...

Hope everyone has a happy week ahead!