21 August 2011

Weekend Project

Some weeks ago, Izzati - a friend of mine, surprised me with some cutesy fat quarters....

She'd been out shopping and came across a craft bazaar going on in Subang. Knowing what A Fabric Case I am, she very kindly picked some up for me - I believe she got these from Kelly of Fabric Fanatics. 

Aren't they simply adorable??? 
The little ballerinas are my fave :-) 
And just check out Little Red Riding Hood there, cutesy cutesy cutesy!

So this weekend I got them out to enjoy some 'ooh-ing and aah-ing' and before you know it the rotary cutter had appeared and my trusty Singer was whirring away.

I'd made 2 quick pencil cases out of the pale pink Rommie and June fabric, but Niece and best friend Nina managed to run off with them before I could snap a photo.

So I cut into the Red Riding Hood fabric and made these:

A little quilted make up bag, and matching pocket tissue holder.

I love how the red zipper and olive binding frames the fabric...

I'm in love with this set, but have decided to gift them to Izzati - I hope she likes them as much as I've enjoyed making them... :-)

Have a happy week ahead everyone!

20 August 2011

New Project - Yippee!

I've started on a new project - hurrah! (never mind all my UFO's... eheh)

This one is going to be big - I'm thinking at least 6 feet square. Such high expectations, we'll see how it turns out :-)

I'm using some fabric that's been sitting about in my stash for too long. I'm thinking it will be a two-toned piece.

This one's for the pink colourway:

And this one's the blue:

So far, I've cut out the pieces for my pink blocks... (does anyone else get a back ache after cutting or does that only happen to me?)

And made a test block...

More to come soon!

17 August 2011

A Tear For Our Ginger

The story is that Ginger adopted us earlier this year. We can't recall exactly when, but Yummy Hubby and I have reached a consensus that it must have been sometime in February when this long limbed orange cat appeared in our kitchen. He just sat there on the floor, as if it was where he always belonged, and wasn't the least bit afraid of Yummy Hubby or me. 

So we scratched our heads for a bit, then decided ah what the heck, he may as well have a bit of breakfast. So we fed him.

And fed him some more. 

And fed him every single day after that.

After the first couple of days, it seemed that Ginger was part of the family. As if he had always been there.

Now, we didn't know it at the time, but Ginger was already ill. He did display some little problems, but we thought it was just the normal cat troubles like worms and such and gave him tablets, you know, the way you do.

Then one day Yummy Hubby decided that he should be spayed (or is it neutered? I can never remember), and a trip to our local SPCA was made. There we discovered that he was jaundiced. Aahh.

So SPCA prescribed some medicine and we went home happy. 

As the months went by though, we realised that although he seemed healthy enough, something was not quite right. For one, he never seemed interested in playing. And his tummy got bigger, and bigger.

Finally we took him to our expert Mr Vet, who diagnosed him with a virus. I can't remember what it was (even if I did, I don't think I could pronounce it, let alone spell it). And Mr Vet said that it was pretty serious.  From then on, Ginger made many more trips to the vet, and had all kinds of treatment, and at one stage was quarantined (very, VERY unwillingly) in the bathroom on doctors orders. Then one day while we were holding him down to administer some medicine, Yummy Hubby looked up at me, and I understood. 

We stopped forcing him to medicate after that, and let him deal with each day as he pleased. We also made it a point to shower large doses of TLC on him every single day. 

The end came sooner that either of us expected. He was still mobile and still had an appetite (his favourite dish being boiled chicken - none of that kibble stuff interested him). In fact, the very day before he died I spotted him taking a walk on the street outside, and on that same day had wolfed down a cup of boiled chicken.

So when Yummy Hubby picked me up from work one Monday on the first day of August and told me that Ginger was no more, I was ... 


Sad? oh yes, but 

deep down glad too, that he went to cat heaven so easily and didn't suffer too much.

Like all the cats who's had a place in our lives, Ginger had his own quilt. But in breaking with tradition, we didn't bury him in it. I don't know why, sometimes another sense tells us otherwise you know, and we go with the flow.

Thank you for adopting us, Ginger, even if it was only for a few months. 
Sleep in peace now.

14 August 2011

A Mystery!

Something very mysterious has happened in my blogworld recently.

Something unexplained...

My header (you know, the picture/illustration thing that reads 'A Fabric Case' at the top of my blog) has shrunk!

One day it's normal, then the next it's puny :-(

A mystery indeed... at least to a tech retard like me...

13 August 2011


Presenting the much delayed finished charm pack quilt, tadaah...!

I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago, but just never got around to taking a photo. You know how it is : the morning rush to get up, get dressed and get going, then at the end of the work day it's either to dark outside, or I'm too gloomy to bother taking out the camera.

Today, though, I made it a point to snap these photos, AND as an added bonus even managed to persuade Yummy Hubby to 'model' it for me. You can just about make out his calves at the bottom of the quilt there...hehe heh.

I love love looove this quilt.
 The fabric combination is just perfect, don't you think? 
It was also a pleasure to make, from the piecing to the straight line quilting. 
Easy peasy, light and breezy :-)

Here's a view of the pieced back...

The only difficulty I had with this one was naming it. It's now spent a couple of weeks nameless. Normally my quilts take on their own character as I make them, so that by the time they are finished they've more or less named themselves. 

I think this one might be called "Summer".

What do you think?