07 April 2012


There's been a little setback on the sewing front around here. Sure there was a little more travel last week, but the main culprit for this short hiatus was simply a tiny bit of hardware. My old Singer was acting up a bit. Not too much really,  mainly giving me tension issues (both on the fabric and on the nerves in my neck and shoulders). Naturally I called in the maintenance man but I still wasn't 100% happy after he left. It behaved well enough at the time, but not long after he'd gone it was back to nonsense. I've had my machine for 8 years more or less, so I think I know when it's happy or not, and this machine definitely was not.

I resorted to some hand sewing for a while, and came up with more hexies, and hand quilting:

But the machine kept calling, so I persevered to troubleshoot (hmmm... maybe I should say don't do this yourself - you should always call in a professional, unless of course you are a professional - which I'm not, I'm just stubborn). Before long there was a teeny, tiny sound, almost like a click - I could have missed it had I not been so accustomed to my machine's little noises) and upon inspection, emerged victorious with the culprit:

Can you guess what it is??

Feed dogs!

Yup, I broke my feed dogs :-(

I have no idea how I broke them. A couple of weeks back I broke my walking foot, and the people at my LQS were stunned. I guess I'm just going through a breaking patch. Yummy Hubby was really nice and said it's only natural, just some inevitable wear and tear, instead of suggesting that I could really try to be more delicate with things. Haw haw!

And so anyways, once the culprit was found, it took but a quick trip to the shop (actually it wasn't so quick because we got really lost trying to find it, but I digress) and replacement dogs were soon installed.

You can imagine I'm now completely spirited, and have grand plans for sewing. Of course, nothing less than a new quilt will do. I've decided to use this cute bundle of 1930s reproduction prints, which I'd completely forgotten about for a while:

And because I'm feeling so buoyed I think I'll tackle this UFO (remember these blocks?):

Let's see how far we'll get shall we? ehehee.

Happy weekend everyone!


Mila@Rimbun said...

wah.. the DF really can break eks.. I have never encounter that since having the machine. Just to share a good new with you, I heard that Brother Malaysia is now having a 50% discount for NV950e, its a combination of computerised sewing machine n embroidery..... i am itching to buy but I do have bothe already... I hope your Singer wont be merajuk with my comment here LOL

Zara said...

Hullo Mila! The dogs are not really supposed to break, eheheh... I heard about the Brother sale, am sooo tempted!!!

MamaDaniel said...

fabric kucing in light green - i think i have it in my stash too.. (haish..kena korek cari ni.. heheheh)

owh.. hexagon.. projek sepanjang zaman... :D