17 November 2012

Strangeness - and Slow-and-Steady Sewing

I must say it's been a rather strange feeling week around here. We've had two public holidays this week, one on Tuesday and then another on Thursday. I was soooo looking forward to it, but I have to admit it's left me a little out of whack. Did anyone else feel like they had the Monday blues THREE times this week?

Thank goodness for the sewing room. A few hours at the sewing machine, and things are starting to feel normal again. And, as a bonus, I've got a couple of new potholders to show for it, heee!

Those who know me will know that I like the fast and furious type of creating. Crooked seams? Oh well. But, unconventionally, I took my time with these, painstakingly measuring every piece, trimming to size, and even, horrors of horrors - unpicking! A LOT of unpicking. Aaaand pressing seams open. I don't like to press seams open, because they involve more work and is hence out of line with the 'fast and furious' spirit. But I have to tell you, pressing seams open really does reduce bulk in the seams. I might even be tempted to do it more often!

Also I'm loving how my stars turned out. The points and edges match up much better than with my usual attempts. Then I experimented with the binding, binding one potholder by machine and the other by hand. The verdict? The one bound by hand wins by a mile, with a softer and more organic look and feel.

So I'm thinking (hoping?) that this taking-the-time type of sewing might just be pursued more often in the future.

These potholders are off to be gifted to a friend. She's recently found herself (as a result of being recently wed) in the position of having to cook dinner for a hungry man. Good luck dear, you'll be needing it ;-)

11 November 2012

Lest We Forget

A quickie post, to mark an important date.

To take a step back and reflect on our history.

To take a moment to be grateful for the big things and the little things that we are able to enjoy today.

To learn from past mistakes, and to say a prayer for those still caught in strife.

Happy Remembrance Day.

Well wishes also for the coming week : Happy Deepavali to my Hindu friends, and Happy New Year to all Moslem readers. To everyone else here in Malaysia - Happy holidays, huhu!!!

08 November 2012


I know I have quilt tops to quilt, that I really shouldn't be adding more to the UFO pile, but I just couldn't resist cutting into these:

Aren't they cute? Meadow Friends for boys prints that have been calling and calling out to me from my fabric shelves. I've chosen my pattern, and taken the rotary cutter to them. A quilt top to show for my efforts coming soon!

On top of that I've added another finished quilt top to the 'To Quilt' pile:

These hexagons have been a LONG time coming. But the recent rainy weather certainly sped things along. Rainy nights = lots of applique. And you can probably tell from the picture : Rainy days = difficult light = crappy photos, ehehe.

I'm sooo tempted to hand quilt this one - but am a little worried that it might be months yet before we see it finished. Having said that, there really isn't a deadline for this, so we'll see.

Until the next time, happy sewing!

04 November 2012

Cupcake in a Corner

Hello and happy November everyone! Doesn't time just fly?

I'm finally able to share my finish - hip hip hurray. A scrappy patchwork quilt - no fuss!


Such a joy to make, this one. After much thought, I backed it with a purple butterfly print, which a colleague from the office kindly gifted me some time ago.

Simply quilted in-the-ditch, and bound with a black polka dot print, which I think frames the quilt beautifully. It measures 40" X 50", so is a generously sized baby quilt, but works beautifully as a lap quilt for those rainy TV nights (something we're getting a LOT of lately in this part of the world).

I'm having fun playing 'I spy' with the prints : baby strawberry shortcake...

Some Japanese zakka, err, stuff...

 Oranges (and lemons)...

Even a hidden princess...

Postage stamps...

And of course the cupcake in the corner...


Have a happy November!