27 April 2014

Happiness is...

... when all your points line up :-)

Hope everyone had a happy weekend!

21 April 2014

Scrappy Trip Around The World


I can tell you, I'm SO excited about this. Are you ready for photos?

A grand total of 1296,  2-inch squares.

I had a hard time trying to photograph all of it without having someone hold it up. And I couldn't take the shots outside, as it's been raining a lot. So the best I could do was drape it over the sofa:

Then I needed a model for some perspective, so I grabbed the nearest thing that was passing by:

"I'm not Milo!"

A closer shot of some of the squares:

I think I made the right choice for the backing too - a sea of calm to balance the happy chaos of the scraps on the front. You can also just make out the swirly quilting on the back:

Making this quilt was truly a labour of love. If you asked me if I would attempt another one, I wouldn't say yes. I would say DEFINITELY yes!

Happy quilting, and have a great week ahead :-)

20 April 2014

UFO Progress

I know I've started a new solids quilt, but a few days ago decided to tackle my Scrappy Trip Around The World.

So armed with determination I hunkered down and got to quilting.

This quilt measures 6 feet square, so there was a LOT of upper arm muscle involved!

Also a lot of quilting sessions involved. I remember complaining marvelling at how long it was taking to quilt this.

Is was my first time quilting swirls on a real quilt, so I had little swirls, big swirls, uneven swirls, eliptical swirls, 'is-this-supposed-to-be-a-swirl?' swirl...

And then to my great delight, I came to my last swirl.

Squaring up:

For the binding, I went with a solid navy blue, to even out the scrappiness of it all.

By this time I was keen to finish it off quickly, and considered machine binding it, but then a movie came on the telly, so I got comfortable on the sofa with my needle and thread :-)

I'm down to the last few feet of stitches, and then I'll have a finish to show - yay! But before I go I just have to share this next photo. It was taken after quilting, when I had lain it down on the floor for inspection. Milo sauntered in to inspect and immediately made himself at home :-)

Milo approved!
Have a great weekend!

10 April 2014

07 April 2014

Floral Patchwork, A New Project and A UFO

It's been a busy start to the month. April kicked off on a high note for me - I think I've been bit by the sewing bug! I've managed to squeeze in time in the sewing room every day, sometimes half and hour, sometimes a couple of hours... so I've a few things to show :-)

You may remember that some months ago I pulled out some floral prints from my stash.

I was wanting to make an all floral patchwork quilt.

The squares were cut in bits and pieces - a little here and a little there.

I finally got around to piecing them all together:-

130 4" squares in total.

Soon to be basted and quilted :-)

And then I decided that I wanted to make a solids quilt. So out came my collection of solids...

... not so much choice, but perhaps just enough variety?

I made a start anyway, hee! 

And finally I picked up some backing fabric from Ikea:

This one is for my Scrappy Trip Around the World from waaaaay back when, which I finally got basted.

Let's see how long this bug sticks around :-)

Have a great week ahead everyone!