08 March 2012

I want one too!!!

Was surfing the other day. Internet, of course. You wouldn't catch me dead on a plank in a raging sea. Or, should I say you wouldn't catch me alive on a plank in a raging sea - as I'd likely be dead. But I digress...

Anyway, I was surfing the internet the other day, and found this pic.


Needless to say I'm now desperate for one just like that too. Even though I think Yummy Hubby might disown me if I did. Grrr.

So what's your wall of wow like?


Mrs.Imran said...

be patient..

mookie26 said...

Hello...do you have any charm packs for sale at the moment.

Zara said...

I agree, Mrs Imran, lots and lots of patience!

Mookie, please let me have your email address or email me at afabriccase@yahoo.com so I can reply to you on the charm packs. Thanks!