10 March 2012

Scrap Busting

It's been raining a lot lately in Kuala Lumpur. The other day it rained for hours and hours straight. It was pouring at tea time, then at dinner time, it was raining when I went to bed, and was still raining when I woke up. I stayed in that morning, thanks to a bad cold (maybe thanks to all that rain?), and was definitely not in a creative frame (definitely thanks to all that rain). And so I was sitting there staring at a box of scraps, when the following happened.

Tipped out box:

Organised scraps into groups (according to size of scrap).

Applied ruler and rotary cutter:

(by-product of ruler and rotary cutter activity):

Divide product of ruler and rotary cutter activity into three piles of 4" squares, 3" squares and 2.5" squares:

And strips of various lengths:

(Existing pile of growing (and hairy) 4" squares which will someday (hopefully!) make a patchwork quilt):

Pat self on the back for job well done.

What a perfect rainy day activity :-)


Mila@Rimbun said...

Matahari pun malu nak keluarkan... and if it is early in morning, there will be a massive traffic jam.. huhu

I love playing with scrap...wonder what will happen to that scraps.. another big project hehee..

because of your zigzag giant quilt, I was inspired to finished mine yesterday, its a long overdue project actually... and it just a quilt on the ditch with my hi-speed, after hours spending on it, I feel like nak pengsan keletihan. I wonder how did you manage to FMQ it... fuh.. really a though job then.

Unknown said...

i have scraps from all sorts of fabrics..i wonder what will happen if i went productive!