18 March 2012


Niece and her little friend, Nina, visited recently. Before they left Nina had a special request - she wanted a purple purse. So I went on the internet to try to find a pattern, and found one that looked easy enough from Tipnut. By the way, if you don't know that website, I recommend you take a look. There're loads and loads of tutorials for all kinds of things. Just google 'tipnut' and you're home.

Anyways, back to the purple purse, it all came together easy enough, tadah!

This one followed the pattern exactly, and is really quite tiny. But just nice for a little girl.

Purple's her favourite colour you see.

It came together so quickly that I decided to pull out some more fat quarters and make another. And then another. And before I knew it there was a stack of little purses.

Err, where did these come from???

I only stopped because I ran out of zippers.

Now, didn't I tell you fabric was addictive?

Hope you're having a happy Sunday!


Jan Maree said...

Oh too cute! love those purses! Well done!

Zara said...

Thanks Jan-Maree!
They are cutesy aren't they?

Unknown said...

wow..all that in one go?

i wish i have that flair for sewing like you!

Mila@Rimbun said...

wow enjoying yourself with lil purses... so cute

MamaDaniel said...

oooo makk aiii... banyaknyer!! kagum diriku.. ;D