28 July 2010

Sunny Baby

I've been preoccupied lately. All quilting activities were temporarily abandoned.

You see what happened was Natalia lent me a box DVD set of a cute korean drama (did I mention I'm a korean drama fan?) so any free time I had was spent sprawled in front of the telly, hee. Am not very disciplined that way. The same thing happens when I start a novel. I can do ab-so-lute-ly nothing until the book is finished.

Mercifully that's over now. So it's back to the sewing machine.

This is Sunny Baby. Ta daaa....

I was experimenting with half square triangles then and came up with a quilt made up entirely of them. It was also good practice at quilting with stripes. The other unique thing about it is it was made using all locally sourced fabric. Every inch of it. Of course it didn't piece and quilt as easily as American Cotton, but am quite happy with the results. Especially since I found Sunny Baby to be extra soft and cuddly somehow...

As always, a close up, nicely folded:

On to other developments, I'm sure you've seen my new page, "Shop". I thought I'd create a page where I can share my stash with other quilters and crafters out there. Actually, I think it's a subconscious attempt to clear my overflowing stash shelves, so I can get new fabric heeehahahaawww, but don't tell Yummy Hubby that, he thinks I have too much. I know there's not much on there now, but I will get around to uploading the pics soon, promise!

18 July 2010

Wallhanging with an Attitude

Look at this awesome wallhanging, Grrrrr:

It was made with 3 panels from Moda's Attitude Girls range. Isn't it saying something? (But why is the photo crooked??)

I've got it up in my office now, to (hopefully) show 'em who's boss, heh heh. Well, the boss of my room at least.

I had thought it would be really quick and easy to make: you know, 'just add borders and you're done' kinda thing... But of course I decided to make things a little bit more complicated my making a border using quarter square triangles.

I never realised that the the triangles were so small when I was cutting them. My shoulders were aching by the time the piecing was done. Here's a close up. (Is this picture crooked too??? Maybe there's a crooked function on the camera that I must have accidently turned on...)

But am satisfied with the results, so all's well that ends well.

And close ups of the panels.

Panels are available to purchase on my Shop page, so you can make your own attitude wallhangings.

15 July 2010

A Big One

So we've been seeing baby quilts, wallhangings and other small stuff. It's time for A Big One...

It was quite a struggle I can tell you, because I'm so used to the smaller stuff. Oh the piecing part was fine, it was the quilting bit that almost had me tearing my (frizzy) hair out. It was all over my modest sewing machine. In the end it got quilted using so many different designs, depending which was easiest to manoeuvre at that time, and you can see this in the photo. And it wasn't really that big to begin with, about 5' X 7' or so. But I'm only an amateur quilter, so I suppose that's only to be expected. Kudos to those who quilt queen, king size quilts!

So this was my first big quilt. I hope it won't be the last, but I'm pretty sure that there won't be many more.

A Big One is now a permanent residence of my living room. In the day it's nice and folded but in the evenings we spread it out on the carpet and loll about on it with about 100 cushions when we watch TV. Total bliss!

12 July 2010

Boxy Blues

Remember this?

Well, it's been pieced, layered, handquilted and bound into this:

It was a really sunny morning, so the photo's not so great, sorry!

Here's a close up - you can see some of the squares more clearly.

... and a view of the back, which I pieced together with some leftover squares. Oops, I think that might be my toe sticking into the bottom of the photo - just have to try to ignore it...

All it needs now is a wash and dry, and then it'll be all ready for a little baby boy :-)

09 July 2010


We have a new addition to our family! Niece's cat had a litter about a month ago, four cutesy little kittens. Yummy Hubby and I just couldn't resist, and decided to adopt one of them.

Here she is, taking a little snooze on my lap, aawwwwww...

In line with family tradition, I had to whip up a little cat quilt for Molly . This one was done in a hurry:

I think it's cute, all pink and girly. Molly's so tiny when she's curled up she can fit into one of the squares! Here's a close up of the five squares, each 5 X 5 inches.

We thought Molly might be good company for Milo, our other kitty. I think he's a bit jealous, though. He keeps asking us to send her back...

05 July 2010

Tote & tote

Last weekend I managed to whip up a couple of really easy totes. I found some upholstery material at the bottom of my stash, and decided to use those up. Really simple. No linings. No zippers. Just honest to goodness totes, with pockets at the front. Good enough to carry supplies to class, or your groceries at the supermarket. Another good thing about upholstery fabric is that it's easy to wash and really quick to dry. Very practical.

And here's some I made earlier using charm packs:

I'm not really into making totes and such. I find that I have to concentrate a bit more than I'd like. "Where should the lining go?" "Careful, else the zipper wont fit!" "Have I measured the handles just so?". Much prefer baby quilts.

Which reminds me. That project I was working on the weekend before? Well, I've finished it yippee! It's another bb quilt. I think it looks like it's a boy this time. Haven't had the chance to take a photo yet. But that's coming soon.

Also, another work in progress:

02 July 2010


Meow meow!

It's very exciting in our house today. Mr Postman came by with some goodies. There was a package for Human Mummy and a big BIGGG envelope for me.

Human Mummy got some girly fabric:

She keeps ooh-ing and aahhh-ing all over them. She puts them away then 5 minutes later takes them out and the oohs and aaahs start again. What a Fabric Case!

Now the BESTEST bit, look what my package contained!! Human Mummy also bought me a bright yellow 'cat cube' and some fab toys from a place called England. Human Baba says that's very far away from our house and everyone there drinks nothing but tea. I love love lurrrveee my new toys, hee eeheeeeeee and am so happy!!! Thank you Human Mummy and Human Baba!