04 January 2015

Hope it's not too late...

... to say Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone lots of Hope


and Love...

14 September 2014

Finished Granny Square Quilt

Photo finishes to share today ...

A baby sized Granny Square Quilt

Surprisingly easy to make, and such a great way to use up leftoever fabrics. I just mixed them all up, and the result is this wonderful burst of colour...

I quilted this with a poly batting, so it has a nice fluffy, lofty feel to it. Bound with a solid aqua binding.


Granny Square Quilt Process

So I wrote about my first attempt at a Granny Square quilt.

Amazingly I remembered to take the occasional photo along the way. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Finished blocks ready for trimming

Quilt layout - so colourful!
Blocks pieced and pressed - Ready to baste :-)

I'm in love with the colour scheme for this one. For some reason it reminds me of a sweet shop - maybe a bag of jelly beans, mmm...

07 September 2014

Errr... Hello!

Have been ignoring this blog for a bit *sad* ... but ...  I'm back now! Even though I've not actually posted anything, I have done a fair share of crafting. Not too much, but a fair bit nonetheless. 

I've started - and finished! - a few quilts. One of them is a granny square quilt. I've always loved looking at granny square quilts on the internet, so was really quite excited to try to make one of my own. It turned out pretty easy actually, the hardest part was choosing the fabric. 

I used 3 different prints for each block.

Also managed another little patchwork quilt. Inspired by some dinosaur prints I had in my stash.  Lots of blues, with some orange thrown in for contrast. Nice!

I love patchwork quilts! Do you?

12 June 2014

Time For Another Quilt

I've been itching to make another quilt, so pulled out a bunch of fat quarters.

I want something that will come together fairly easily, like a 9-patch perhaps? Or a disappearing 9-patch even. 

This was the first choice of 9 fabrics.

Most of the fats came from the same fabric line - Pagoda Lullaby - so they are very matchy matchy. I thought the colours might all blend together too much, so I added a colour that was totally different - the teal ones in the photo above. 

But I was still not too pleased with the combo, so swapped one teal fabric for a brighter purple:

At the last minute I changed my mind, and swapped one teal for a stronger hue of blue/green. And this is the final 9:

I've cut out my squares now, so won't be changing my mind anymore, hopefully anyway, haha!

I just love the start of a new quilt, don't you?

See you soon!

10 June 2014

Meow Fabric Finishes

So what can a fat quarter make?

1. A couple  of fabric bookmarks

2. Little fabric baskets - I made 2: one to hold some make up and the other for hair things.


3. A zipper pouch, with a pocket in front. 

And theres still a square of fabric left over for the scrap bin ...

Now that's what I call some fat quarter fun :-)

30 May 2014

Fabric Find

I had a Fabric Find on a Friday, how jolly is that?

I was a-browsing in a bucket of fabric during my lunch hour with no prior intentions whatsoever of purchasing any, but when I saw this print I just could NOT resist.

Little meows on midnight blue linen. Those little paw prints just make me want to smile :-)

Some of them have really grumpy faces, but if you've ever had a cat you will know what an Attitude they can have. Scowllll...

I was thinking what a great tote it would make (and I do need a new tote for my work things),  but there's only a quarter of a metre of it so there's not enough. Never mind, I'm already planning a nice new phone pouch, and perhaps a couple of fabric boxes from this print. I paid RM10 for this, what a bargain, no?

Oh, and here's a shot of the fabric meows with a real one, ehehee!

I'm not Milo!

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!