30 December 2012


This month has been about -

A bit of travelling:

A bit of work:

And a bit of play:

Some procrastinating:

A little recreational reading:


And of course, a little bit of sewing!

Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas, and happy holidays - muah!!

14 December 2012

A State of Mind

They say a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.

So I'm wondering what my cutting table says about mine...

'Controlled' clutter?
It may look that I'm on to something there, but in fact I've no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully something will come out of it, or I'll just end up with another pile of little scraps. *sigh*

Wishing everyone an uncluttered Friday!

09 December 2012

What I've Been Up To

Would you know, it's December - already! I thought I'd check in, before I get too comfortable pretending that I've ceased to exist in blogland...

So what's been keeping me busy lately?

Well.....WORK, most of the time.

Then I finished my Meadow Friends boy quilt top:

You probably can't see it clear in the photo, but it's meant to be waves...

After that came more WORK. Grrrr.

Then I made a cute little card wallet, from this tutorial.

It was my first time with snap closures. I was so fascinated by them (or maybe I just liked the hammering bit) that I made another. I use one wallet for my business cards, and may use the other for my pen-drives.

I decided to slip stitch the sides, instead of sewing down them like in the tutorial, because it was a bit of a tight fit for my cards.

Then came WORK (is anybody else having a frantic time at the office?)

When things got tough I wound down by reading a really cute book:

Keeping me up into the wee hours of the morning.

And fnished another; not so cute book:

And all the while there was MORE WORK. Arrrrggghhhhhhh!

To de-stress, a couple of little pouches from leftover Meadow Friends fabric was in order:

They came along really quickly... I made them on two early mornings before work, while having my coffee.

I still have a fair bit of Meadow Friends left, maybe I'll make them into scrap bags. Anyone interested?

And finally, of course: more WORK. *sigh*

So there you go. Hope everyone's keeping well and not working too hard. More sewing hopefully soon.