23 May 2011

Spirited Away!

And 'Spirited' is off to its new home.

But not before some photos were taken:

Measuring approximately 50" X 60".

Perfect throw size to cuddle up with in front of the telly on a cold evening.

A bit of an announcement now.  I'll be taking a short break from posting. Not too long, a few days or so, a couple of weeks maybe. There're too many things going on at the moment, too many thoughts whirling around, and I've realized I'm getting a little tired in the head. Thinking of fabric is a good thing, but not when it becomes tiring you know.

So I'll be off now. See everyone soon!

22 May 2011

Spirited effort!

I had my work cut out for me this weekend. I have to finish the 'Spirited' quilt if I am to catch my special courier service (ie Mum and Dad) to Oz next week.

So yesterday, after the weekly house cleaning session, I put my head down and got going.

I finished the piecing (you can see I added a couple of borders from the last time I blogged). Then after thirty minutes or so of crawling about on the floor with a mouth full of pins, here it is layered and basted.

I deviated from my favorite stipple quilting, and did simple straight line quilting with my walking foot this time. I don't know about you, but I find straight line quilting sometimes more challenging than stippling (perhaps because I'm always expecting the lines to be super straight). 

The quilting finished up quickly enough, and then it was time for some unpicking (grrrr!), requiting and binding.

'Spirited' is all finished, and as I write is hanging on the line to dry - pictures in the next post.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

18 May 2011


So yesterday was a public holiday here.

So I sat down in The Office with my cup of coffee, looking for a little inspiration, you know.

So there were a few loose charm squares lying about. Okay, so there were a lot of loose charms lying about (I'm charm pack-obsessed, as if you don't already know).

And then wham bam alakazam, it hit me. I thought, "Let's make a little case for the iPhone."

And before you know it, I had 7, SEVEN, of these all sewed up.

Did I say SEVEN? Here are some more... ehehee!

These photos were taken with the iPhone, so I couldn't model the phone actually IN the pouch, you know?

There are 3 more which I didn't take photos of, and can't now, because I brought them to the office (the day job one) and they've all disappeared.

Each pouch was made using just 3 charms, one for the front, one the back, and the third for the flap.

Oo happy day!

15 May 2011

Giveaway Results!

Thank you everyone who participated in this giveaway!!

Can I say again how much I really appreciate your visits, and I hope you'll drop by every so often.

So this is how the draw went:

All the names carefully noted, and placed into a pot.

Pot given a good shake.

Lookabout for Milo (found cat napping as usual).

Picked out 2 names.

And the winners are.....

Congratulations Rosh and Mila!

Rosh was the first draw and will receive the Saltbox Set. Mila, I hope you'll enjoy the Ice Blue FQ Set.

Mimi, the only international entry, will receive the Batik.

Look out for your inbox girls, I will be emailing you soon.

Hope everyone has a good week ahead!

09 May 2011


Is it giveaway time?!

I've noticed in the last week that I've hit the 5000 milestone - this blog has had 5000 hits! This may seem insignificant compared to some others, but I'm as happeeee as can be!

So, I'm having a little giveaway to celebrate. A tiny token of my thanks to all of you who have visited, commented (even though sometimes I don't get a chance, or forget, to reply), and not forgetting those who've helped me de-stash! To all of you - thank you thank you thank you - Muah!

So I've got, not 1, not 2, but THREE fabric sets up for grabs:

Up first - Moda Saltbox Harvest Set
Made up of 1 Moda Saltbox Harvest Charm Pack + 1/2 yard Saltbox Trees on Cream

Number 2  - Ice Blue Fat Quarter Set
Made up of 1 FQ each of: 
(from top to bottom) New Star - Makeower UK, House - Annette Tatum and Blizzard - RED Intl Textiles

Occasionally I get a hit from overseas, so especially for international visitors, I'm offering a length (about 2 yards in total) of printed batik. Check out these colours:

So then, for a chance to win, all you have to do is answer these 3 questions:

1. What is the temperature at the peak of Mt Kinabalu (highest mountain in Malaysia) in December?

2. What is Sherlock Holmes real (ie birth) name?

2. What is... okay okay, I'm KIDDING! eheheheee!!

Seriously now, for a chance to win, simply leave a comment to this post telling me what's your favourite craft and your current project. Actually, any old comment will do :-)

This giveaway will remain open until noon (Malaysian time) on Sunday, 15 May 2011, on which time I will get Milo to pick out 3 names from a pot.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

04 May 2011

Please Like This Skirt!

My prototype batik 'chop' (dip, chop. dip, chop, remember?) skirt finished up really quickly. Hardly surprising, as it's just a simple A-line. 

Sewed up the sides. 
Sewed on a zip  (fiddly, fiddly, fiddly!)
Hemmed up the bottom.
Added a sash.
Selected a guinea pig, oh I beg your pardon, a model I mean, and there we go.

This is Niece being silly:

Priceless :-)

03 May 2011

Starts and Stops

(Note : in keeping with the theme of this post, commentary will also be in stop-start fashion, ehehe)

Stopped : Hexagon quilt

Hit brick wall. No ideas how to continue the outer layers. Ah well, can't rush inspiration.

Started : More cushions - eheheeeee!

Labour day (we get labour day holiday here you know, Malaysia full of public holidays - another one in  couple weeks *big smile*), now where was I? Oh yes, my Labour Day project.

Using remaining bits from Annette Tatum's 'House' FQs:

To fit our standard sized 16 inch sq cushions. To match the big (30 inch sq) floor cushions made before:

Uggh, awful lighting in living room. Better light in "The Office" aka sewing room:

Ahhh, that's better :-)

Even enough scraps left over to make little quilted patchwork pouch :

Annette Tatum stash all finished.

Stopped : 'Spirited' lap quilt for friend Down Under

Perfectly justifiable excuse! Postman hasn't arrived with backing fabric!!!

Started : Batik Skirt

Couldn't resist buying these when on Langkawi:

Batik 'chop' or hand printed batik -  Guessing 'chop' refers to the stamping process when batik is printed: Dip (in wax), chop/stamp (on the fabric). Dip, chop. Dip, chop. Get it?

Results next.