22 October 2013

It's Official...

... I SUCK at straight line quilting.

I love the look of straight line quilting (by other people!) so I thought I'd do random lines on my scrappy log cabin quilt. But after a few lines ... oh my!

I tried a few more and still... OH MY!

So I'm giving up. And reaching for my unpicker.

Just as soon as I can get Milo off the quilt...

And while writing this post I realise there's another thing I suck at - taking good blog photos.


Hope everyone's having a happy week!

20 October 2013

Scrappy Log Cabin Progress

The quilt top is now finished!

I'm having it basted and ready to quilt.

A close up of some of the blocks...

I'm so looking forward to quilting this one, hu hu!

13 October 2013

What Happened to the Weekend?

This is how I'm feeling about this weekend:

Yummy Hubby and Milo have both been ill in the last couple of days... and because I'm a worrier I've been worrying about them - no wonder I'm feeling tired.

Although I still managed to get some stuff going on in the sewing room (including a good chunk of the laundry mountain!), but not much sewing sadly.

At least I managed to baste my girl patchwork quilt...

And also cut up some pink fabric for a new project... because playing with stash is sooo therapeutic!

As if I don't have enough WIPs already, right?

Hope everyone had a good (and restful!) weekend.

Oh, and if I don't get to check in the next couple of days, Happy Haji Eid to all Moslems, and Happy Howlidays to all :-)

10 October 2013

Squares Anyone?

After my last 2 quilt/quilt tops I found that I still have plenty of leftover squares cut up.

I suppose I could make ANOTHER patchwork quilt, but I thought I'd offer them up to others first. So if you're interested, I have 2 packs of squares, each pack has 50 squares and each square measures 4 inches square. That's a lot of squares! Most of them are different, but there will be duplicates of some prints. This will be perfect as a starter kit - you can mix them up with your own stash for a patchwork project. Oh, and I'm offering them for RM20 per pack.

So let me know if anyone wants them. Otherwise there'll be another patchwork quilt on this blog very soon, ha!

06 October 2013

Girl Patchwork

Since I just made a boy patchwork quilt, I figured that a girl one was due too.

This one was really inspired by this really cute, CUTE fabric:

It's from Michael Miller - isn't it sweet? I got mine from Kelly, she's got them on sale now too!

So anyway, I fussy cut a few squares, and mixed it up with, oh, about a hundred others.

And the resulting quilt top:

Can you see the mermaids?

Lot of shadows, if you look carefully at the next photo you might be able to see me waving at you, ehehee!

Happy Sunday!

03 October 2013

A Very Handsome Model

I got photos from Aric's mum of him in action with this quilt.

Isn't he handsome?

I just can't get over his two stuffed animals, lol!

Cuteness overload!

And more good news... tomorrow's Friday, huhu. Have a good one all :-)