21 March 2012

Out of Alignment

I've graduated from little purses for now. On to bigger things. A nice new tote maybe? It felt like a patchwork day, so I had a look see at some of my charm packs, and settled for this one:

Moda's Northcote Range - a nice floral, feminine choice. (Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the pack before I started, so I'm having to use an image off the net).

For this tote I had to use up almost the entire pack, including charms for the handles.

Then I set to work. But you know how on some days things move along very, very slowly or not at all, no matter how you try? Well, this was one of those days.  From the choosing and deciding on the placement of the charms, to the piecing, and right up to the end, it felt like a little bit of a struggle. I should have just left the sewing room for another day, but no, I persisted. And it was with some relief when, hours later, the time came to put everything together.

And then, when I was just about to finish off the tote, this happened.

What, what ... arrrgh!

If I line up the handles, the snaps won't meet.

If the snaps meet, the handles won't line up. Here's a closer look.


I guess that's another one for the Unpick Pile (yes, I do have an Unpick Pile. Scary, I know).

Hope everyone else is more aligned this week :-)


Mila@Rimbun said...

No one will see the button inside right, so the strap win horayyy hehehe..

I like the combination of small flower there, so cute

thesewingroomdiva said...

that was really funny....it happened to me once. luckily the design of the bag makes it almost unnoticeable. pls come and check out my blog, for pics of the bag. :)

Zara said...

It is quite funny now, but I can tell you it wasn't so at the time! I will definitely drop by and check out your blog!
Anyways, the snaps have been fixed so my bag is now all aligned, hee.