31 May 2012

A Pocket Full of Sunshine...

...Is what I would like to name this quilt. It's so bright and cheery! But what  mouthful! So maybe I'll just call it "Happy" for short :-)

I did straight(ish) line quilting this time, cross hatches and some zig zags around the edges. You can just about make it out in the next photo. I really, really like how it's turned out  :-)

A shot of the back:

The light was very bright when I took the photo, you can almost see the front of the quilt through the back!

A photo taken in softer light:

I guess May wasn't such a lazy month after all - hip hip hurray!

Happy June to everyone!

29 May 2012

Fabric Find

From my latest travels...

...vintage hankies!

I found them while strolling in one of the local markets, and got six of them for the equivalent of USD5 :-)

Of course I realise they're probably not really vintage, just look-alikes, but I tell you what, they sure are pretty. I have no idea what I'll use them for (does anyone really use hankies anymore?) but who cares, they were just too pretty to pass.

I'm loving the dainty prints and the delicate pastels - my photos just don't do them enough justice!

Probably my favourite of the lot:


27 May 2012


What better way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon?

Than lounging on a sofa in front of the telly

with the air-conditioning on

binding a cute little quilt

with this fuzzy bundle of sleepiness at my feet.


Hope everyone had a good one.

25 May 2012

Things to Do

On my sewing to-do list:

To quilt my 1930s Repro quilt.

I've FINALLY got around to basting it. Twice! The first time I did it on my work table and when finished I discovered I'd done it all crooked, haha! I guess nothing beats crawling around on your hands and knees on the floor...

I've fished out this old panel I had, and am planning to use it for a project.

Probably another little quilt. I dunno yet, we'll have to see. It's a bit on the small side, slightly bigger than a fat quarter, so I need to figure out how to make it bigger. Comments and ideas welcome, as always!

Mum came by and dropped off a pile of fabric she needs me to turn into sheets and pillowcases.

She's perpetually handing me bags of mending and other things to sew, ack! Does anyone else have relatives doing this? Not very exciting, but it needs to be tackled. She'll call me up everyday asking whether I'm done. Then she'll hand me another pile, grrr.

Our little 'love seat' desperately needs a new cover.

The old ones were getting really boring so I stripped them off. It's been sitting uncovered ever since, and it's 'nakedness' is now becoming pathetic.

Now what I need to do is decide which one to get into first...

Happy weekend all!

19 May 2012


It's Saturday, so I did some shopping.

And stocked up on basting pins, yipppeeee!

My supply of pins had mysteriously gone missing: my theory remains that one of the Meows must have tipped them into the rubbish bin. The bin sits next to the sewing machine, you see, and my supply shelves are right above it.

Now all I need to do is to get home to my quilt top(s) and baste away. I can't, can't wait!

Happy weekend everyone!

16 May 2012

On The Road Again

And that means... portable patchwork!

More hexies...

(Sorry for the poor photos - the light's really bad where I am, and the phone camera doesn't help)

I never know what they will turn out to be when I'm making them. I always make sure I have a little bag with some paper templates, needle & thread and scraps, which I can grab if I'm going to be on the move.  I make them randomly, and at some point there will be enough of them to piece together.

Like this:

Who knows what this will eventually be. Will it get bigger? Or maybe this is as far as this piece will get?

And here are pics of some hexies made previously. I patched them onto a solid white, added some coordinating fabric and made a quilted make up pouch.

Posing with my lipstick :-) ...

Hope everyone's having a good week!

09 May 2012

A Lazy Month

I'm thinking this month is going to be a lazy month. It's already the 9th, but I'm having a little trouble getting going, whether it be sewing or blogging :-(

I don't know what it is. I haven't the inclination to tackle any new or big projects. The Office (aka my sewing room) is in a mess. My basting pins are still missing, so there'll be no quilting for a while (sorry, I fall asleep if I have to baste the old fashioned way).

There has been some sewing, it started when I made a little wallet. Then someone saw it, and wanted it. Then someone else saw it and wanted something similar too. And then another and another. Soon I had made 5 of these little wallets custom.

I know a lot of talented ladies out there do custom orders, and I take my hat of to you. I feel so pressured to make everything nice and neat (fair amount of unpicking [and swearing!] involved) because I feel like every stitch will be examined under a magnifying glass (thank goodness I don't own a magnifying glass, else I'd probably pre-examine stitches myself). No such issues if I'm making something for myself or for a friend, because then I'm not the least bit fussed if my seams are out of line.

And because I'm such a scatterbrain, I don't have any photos of the wallets to show you. So I'll just show you a photo of the fabric I used for the first wallet. Because what's a post without a photo hey? hehehee...

So yeah, I'll be leaving the sewing machine alone for the while.  Hopefully Lazy will wander off soon, and I'll be back with more.