06 March 2012



It's been a while. Which makes me wonder how do I, should I, explain such a long absence? And the more I wonder, the more I'm putting off actually updating this blog. So I've decided. I'll just pick up where I left off, and pretend that nothing's happened. La la la laaa. I hope that's not cheating?

So anyways, I have been sewing all this time (for the sewing bug, once caught, is hard to be discarded no matter what the circumstances). Just bits and bobs, a little here and a little there. And of course only when time permits.

My Lavender Fields  quilt was finished months ago, and has gotten much use ever since. I have absolutely no patience, so I bullet-trained my way through the quilting process (Bad, don't follow -  quilt your quilts with lots of care - you'll see why in a second). Because I knew beforehand that this quilt was for me, I wasn't really concerned how it would look in the end, and just wanted it finished, so I practically dragged it under the needle (Double bad a.k.a shameful!).

And so the finished product, ta dah!

excuse the toes!
Is a fairly big one, dimensions are maybe 5.5 feet wide X 7 feet long.

Quilted in a large stipple (or meander, I suppose).

I managed one photo with somewhat decent lighting:

And now we will see why patience is a virtue to be exercised:

Gasp! Horrors!

(Technical info : The loose stitching at the bottom is a direct result of me rushing the quilting. The loops are formed when the hands (pulling the quilt along) move faster than the needle can stitch.  I think. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

But I'm easy to please. So I'm loving it anyway. And Yummy Hubby never notices these things, so he loves it too. (Of course he doesn't have a choice, he has to love everything that I make, whether it's a quilt or a burnt piece of meat. Or else.) And it's nice and soft and comfy and even the meows can't get enough of it.

Ahhhh.... now THAT'S what its all about.

Have a happy week all!


Mila@Rimbun said...

what a long hiatus.. welcome back

Mila@Rimbun said...

I had experienced loose stitch same as yours before, I think its the thread tension setting... you need to play around with the dialing till you get the best setting for it.

Zara said...

Thanks for the welcome back message Mila, and the tip! Will definitely try the tension next time.

MamaDaniel said...

Lamanya tak singgah ke sini.. rupanya quilt yang besar sudah siap dan sudah guna pun!! bestnyer.. dpt tidur dgn quilt yg cantik..sejuk mata memandang.. (liat tak nak bangun gi kerja??) hehehehe...

quilting tu?? meow pun tak perasan.. hehehe...