30 April 2011

Celebrations! And Some Updates...

So did everyone catch the wonderful wedding yesterday? Wasn't it just beaaaauuuutiful? And oh, so romantic?

I was one of those who took the day off work yesterday, and had myself firmly planted in front of the telly from 6 am on the wedding day (GMT of course).  I don't know about you, but I just absolutely, positively LURRRVE weddings (something my Yummy Hubby has never been able to understand - I'm just thankful he showed up to mine, eheheh), and this wedding certainly evoked a multitude of emotions within me, as I'm sure it did with millions of others too.

Admittedly, some tears were shed, especially when the young Princes first emerged. I'm quite certain that I'm not alone when I say that the only person I could think of was their late mother.  I was still living in London that awful August morning in 1997, and the image of 2 young boys marching bravely behind the casket of their mother,  amid the unspeakable shock and sadness that enveloped the nation, remains vivid in my memory.

Then the past was interrupted by the arrival of the bride (don't you just LOVE that lace?), and the vows were spoken, the service delivered, and finally, the kiss!

Upon which different tears were shed. Tears of love, and joy and hope.

Now, don't take me for a royalist. Or an imperialist, a republic, a democrat, a political activist even. Whether I am or am not, this is not the forum for it. What I surely AM, though, is an advocate for exactly what (I hope) the world witnessed yesterday: love, and joy and hope. Which in my opinion is just what we need more of in this crazy world.

That, and more fabric, of course :-)

And so, in between the celebrations, my hexagon circle grew. I have no idea as yet what it will be, but it sure is fun to watch it develop. I've added a new print to the piece, a pink print with little white flowers. It now measures approximately 2 feet across, but I don't think it's finished just yet. We'll see how it goes.

I've also finished my Spirit charm pack quilt top this last week... tadaah!

I'm really pleased with how the colours panned out. You probably can't see it in the pictures, but the solid is actually a light yellow, a Bella Solid in Butter.

Here's my Milo getting into the act:

After much thought I've decided that this quilt top is NOT finished yet. It measures 45" x 52" as it is now. Although the intended recipient is rather smallish built, I think a little expansion in the size (of the quilt that is, not the recipient!) is in order.

So no quilting as yet. But soon, surely soon.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

26 April 2011

Another Quilt

I'm back to making another quilt again - and I'm SO excited!

This time I've cut into my 'Spirit' Charm Packs, remember this? 

I'm planning on making it into a lap quilt for a friend Down Under. Winter's on the way over there, and I'm thinking it'd be nice for her to have something to curl up with on the long evenings in front of the telly. What a great reason to make a quilt again, isn't it? 

This line from Moda is also aptly made up gorgeous, rich colours, which I'm hoping will brighten up many a winter's night.

And so, after a blissful weekend in The Office (aka my sewing room), cutting, piecing and lots and lots of trimming....

(And that's only the tip of the iceberg, most of the trims were already in the bin by the time I snapped that photo)...

Now I have 42 finished blocks, each measuring 7.5" square...

A pile of yumminess waiting to be pieced into a quilt top :-)

Hope everyone had a happy Easter, and do have a good week ahead.

24 April 2011

Fabric on the move

Wow, it's been a while!

So we've been traveling, first myself and then my Yummy Hubby. Not too much of sewing, unfortunately, except maybe in my head :-) I never imagined trying to keep a household by myself could be so time consuming! Made me realize how much I take for granted, and how spoilt I've let myself be.

But all is back to 'normal' now, as normal as can be. As much as I hate to admit it, it's so nice having a routine. Especially one that involves lots and lots of FABRIC *big grin*!

Right then, I haven't been completely idle, and I do have something to share. I've found a great way to still continue with projects, even when on the go. Of course it's much slower, no appliances to speed things along (I AM a Fabric Case, but I draw the line at lugging a sewing machine around on business trips). Just the humble needle, a few pins and a spool of thread. Oh, and a small pair of scissors. All in a little case (handmade, of course) that carries in the handbag.

And when things get a bit quiet, when there's a little breather (when the boss in not looking, eheheh), out the little pouch comes. A few quick stitches here, a little snip there, and at the end of the day, there's a pile of little paper pieced hexagons.

Which grows, and grows.

What a great way to travel, don't you think?

11 April 2011

Still Seeing Squares

After a weekend of stippling:

More stippling:

And a little bit more stippling...

And some final measuring, backing and binding (in front of the telly).... 

Behold the fruits of our labour:

 Two oversized pillow covers for the oversized cushions in the living room.

Tried, tested, and given the seal of approval :-)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

06 April 2011

Seeing Squares

So this is what I've been up to lately (apart from surviving at work, grrr!).

Pulled out a bunch of fat quarters in pinks, blues and greens from Annette Tatum's 'House' collection (accumulated oh, so long ago).

Applied the rotary cutter to them for an assortment of random strips and squares.

Added the services of a faithful sewing machine and what do we get?

Lots of sweet, sweet squares :-)

More updates soon.

01 April 2011

More Charms!

Hello Everyone!

For all you charm packs fans, I have some up for grabs this weekend. I know you know that I'm a HUUUGE fan of charms and would love to hang on to these (and secretly hope nobody will grab them all, hehehee), but sometimes we just need to share the lurrve, don't you think?

So then, the (boring) details:
Each Pack is RM38.00
Postage via Post Express is RM3.50 (for up to 2 packs) or RM4.50 (for 3 - 6 charm packs) - Malaysia.

Please leave a comment or email me if you are interested.

Now for the yummy details:

Moda SPIRIT Charm Pack
42 5" squares
2 available

42 5" squares
2  available

Moda WEE WOODLAND Charm Pack
42 5" squares
1 available

Moda HOOPLA Charm Pack
42 5" squares

Moda HULLABALOO Charm Pack
42 5" squares

Moda JUST WING IT! Charm Pack
42 5" squares
2 available

Moda ORIGINS Charm Pack
42 5" squares

42 5" squares
1 available
(Coordinating yardage also available! Please see below)

Left : Saltbox Flowers on Brown
Right : Saltbox Trees on Cream  

1 yard RM38.00
0.5 yard RM20.00
1 yard of each available


Set 1 : 'Earthy Blooms' set of 5 FQs
RM50 or RM10 per FQ

Set 2 : 'Stripes, Hugs and Kisses' set of 2 FQs
RM20  or RM10 per FQ

Set 3 : 'Elegance' set of 3 FQs
RM30 or RM10 per FQ

Set 4 : Timeless Treasures Pink Brights set of 2 Half Yards (total 1 yard)
RM40 or RM20 (for each half yard)
[FQ sets also available on request]

All fabric in these bundles are 100% imported American quilting cotton.
Postage via Post Express is RM3.50 (for up to 1 yard) and RM4.50 (for 2 - 6 yards) - Malaysia.

Thank you all for looking, and have a happy, browsy weekend!