28 November 2011

Fabric Find

I was traveling recently and found myself in Beijing. Chinese culture is, if I had to sum it up in one word, WOW! Apart from everything else they had, the silk and embroidery just blew me away! I didn't pick up any embroidery, no time and no budget this time, unfortunately.

But I did manage to escape for a walkabout at one of their markets, and see what I found:

Pretty, pretty, pretty fabric shoes!

I think they're gorgeous!

So of course I picked up a pair for myself, and an extra for Niece. In different shades of pink, hee! I wanted to post a photo of my pair actually on my feet, but I've got a scab on my left foot. And Niece's photo is in the iPhone, and I can't be asked to get up to look for the wire thingie that syncs it to the laptop. So I'll just show you the shoes sitting pretty at the market again, hee hehe.

Now I can't end this post without showing you this:

These little goldfish were in a big aquarium at a restaurant we stopped at for lunch.

And they were all looking out at us. Can you imagine hundreds of little goldfish 'wagging' their tails and staring face first at you? Priceless!


MamaDaniel said...

Those fabric shoes are too gorgeous! sayang nak pakai.. takut rosak.. hehehe..

zeti said...

Zara, please let me know if you have received the payment. Cheers, zeti