07 August 2010


Sorry, can't think of a name for this post, so I just typed the first thing that came to mind.

*another big yawn*

Excuse me! It's Saturday, and I've been cleaning. Then I collapsed on the (now very clean) sofa, and now I'm trying to wake up.

So I was cleaning, and I'm also reorganising The Office. No, that's not the place I spend my Mondays through Fridays at. It's the place I sew in. I've seen so many pictures on the internet of pretty sewing rooms that this week I decided to give mine a make over.

Now what makes this exercise a little difficult is that The Office is also our store room and study. So trust me when I say there's a LOT of stuff in there. It didn't help an ounce that I also had Angel and Demon (read Molly and Milo) playing "let's-see-who-can-trip-HumanMama-up-first" under my feet. I really haven't got a clue how I'm going to redo it, and so far I've just moved a bookcase from one corner to the other before I decided to have a headache and collapse on the sofa.

Okay then, I've had my nap, my cup of tea, updated this blog, and outyawned myself. I guess I should be in good in shape to tackle The Office before dinner. If it turns out cute I'll let you have a peek. Wish me luck!

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