25 August 2010

Works in Progress

So many, so many! Am all over the place. Things all over the place! I think of something, start a project, then abandon it when I see another. The fabric temptation is just too much - help !!!

Am currently working on (amongst others, mind you) this :

This is a nice and easy project. Lemon squeezy eazy. In fact, am almost, almost finished. Just in time for the deadline too. (Yes, there's a deadline. You'll see why eventually). So pleased when things go along in a timely way...

Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum is this:

I started this one oh, forever ago. I even had the name ready - "Lavender Fields". Today, I'm thinking of naming it "The Never Ending One".

Don't know why this one is taking its time on me. After all these months I still haven't even managed to finish PIECING it. Am at the stage where I'm starting to wonder if it'll EVER get quilted ...



And then the storm blows over and the sun comes out. And look, there's a pretty rainbow to boot!

Of course I'll finish it, and on that fine day we'll all be rolling around on our Lavender Fields.  :-)

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