23 August 2010

Milestone Giveaway

A Fabric Case reached a thousand hits over the weekend.

A THOUSAND hits. It may sound like nothing to some, but to me, Wow! It's a milestone indeed. Because when I started this blog, I had no idea what to expect, save for perhaps an outlet to write about my hobby.

So it was a pleasant surprise to find the handful of fellow fabric cases out there who take the time to follow this blog and leave comments. To you guys and gals, a big, BIG Thank You!!! Muah, muah XOX

As a token of how much I appreciate your visits, I thought I'd have a .... GIVEAWAY!

Here's what's up for grabs:


OK OK, am just kidding, heee! One lucky crafter will receive ... one Flower Power FQ Bundle, comprising 3 fat quarters from RJR and Hoffman. Makes a great stash builder :

I think how it works is you just need to leave a comment, from Monday 22 Aug to midnight of Thursday 26 Aug. Then on Friday I pick one comment at random, and that person will receive the Bundle.

Once again, thank you for visiting!


SyahNur said...

congratulation for the achivement...
wahh the FQ is sooo beautiful.. pick me! pick me! really want this beautiful flower power...

Michele T said...

I have just started following creative people's quilt blogs and am amazed, so for a 100th post that is a great achievement. Congratulations! Those FQ's are awesome, count me in!! Thanks!

Wan Amira said...

congratulations on your achievement, it would be meaningful when we start from zero and later becomes a hero.. :)

and the fabric is awesome!! i dont mind not to get all but im eyeing on the middle fabric - white color :D

ajjah said...

Hi there, congrats oh the hits ya.. I stumbled upon your blog from Craftzone Malaysia..

I have a suggestion tho, if you want more readers then maybe you can post up some tutorials and readers will be flocking in as we all loveee to learn :)

I just starting sewing so yes a tutorial would be helpful, and i would lovee to get the FQs :) Count me in yaaa

my post i'm all set..!!

Zara said...

Hello Ajjah!

Thanks for visiting! You're counted in the giveaway for sure. And also thanks for the suggestion - I'll definitely try to post more tutorials. Am very happy to have a sewing friend.What do you sew? Quilting is fun!

See you soon,

::Kak Sambal:: said...

Zara, congrates to ur achivement and keep it up until u will be glamour n come a sifu, hehhee and pleaase pick me!