17 August 2010

Extra Stash Anyone?

So I was cleaning out The Office the other weekend, and not surprisingly I found fabric coming at me from everywhere. From the back of shelves, spilling out from drawers, packed neatly in pretty boxes, inside paper bags... you get the picture.

And so I've decided to put some of them up in "Shop" because I'm really generous and passionate and I want to share this craft with the world at large.


Okay, you've got me. My shelves are overflowing and I'm secretly worried Yummy Hubby might find out how much fabric I really have, hee.

I hope you take a look and see if anything looks nice. Here's a taste of what to expect:

1 comment:

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

alaaa... dah habihhh .. tak sempat nak order.... warghhhh