08 August 2010



I've been a bit tied up recently.

Human Mummy has been cleaning out the room. The one with lots of interesting things in it. Since we're not normally allowed in there, Molly and me thought we'd take the opportunity to help her out. Then Molly said she wanted to play, and it sounded like a good idea to me. Until she decided to run around Human Mummy's feet. And got her tail stepped on.

I have to say Molly's got a really, really BIG voice for such a small kitty.

Bloodcurdling, Human Mummy said.

I myself got a big fright and quickly ran for cover. Under a pile of nice fabric Human Mummy had just folded away.

I think I'm in trouble, because she doesn't seem pleased at all... look what she did to me...

At least I'm not suffering alone. Molly got caught too, and now she's kitty roll.

I hope when Human Mummy goes up to bed Human Baba will rescue us... *sob*

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