18 July 2010

Wallhanging with an Attitude

Look at this awesome wallhanging, Grrrrr:

It was made with 3 panels from Moda's Attitude Girls range. Isn't it saying something? (But why is the photo crooked??)

I've got it up in my office now, to (hopefully) show 'em who's boss, heh heh. Well, the boss of my room at least.

I had thought it would be really quick and easy to make: you know, 'just add borders and you're done' kinda thing... But of course I decided to make things a little bit more complicated my making a border using quarter square triangles.

I never realised that the the triangles were so small when I was cutting them. My shoulders were aching by the time the piecing was done. Here's a close up. (Is this picture crooked too??? Maybe there's a crooked function on the camera that I must have accidently turned on...)

But am satisfied with the results, so all's well that ends well.

And close ups of the panels.

Panels are available to purchase on my Shop page, so you can make your own attitude wallhangings.

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