05 July 2010

Tote & tote

Last weekend I managed to whip up a couple of really easy totes. I found some upholstery material at the bottom of my stash, and decided to use those up. Really simple. No linings. No zippers. Just honest to goodness totes, with pockets at the front. Good enough to carry supplies to class, or your groceries at the supermarket. Another good thing about upholstery fabric is that it's easy to wash and really quick to dry. Very practical.

And here's some I made earlier using charm packs:

I'm not really into making totes and such. I find that I have to concentrate a bit more than I'd like. "Where should the lining go?" "Careful, else the zipper wont fit!" "Have I measured the handles just so?". Much prefer baby quilts.

Which reminds me. That project I was working on the weekend before? Well, I've finished it yippee! It's another bb quilt. I think it looks like it's a boy this time. Haven't had the chance to take a photo yet. But that's coming soon.

Also, another work in progress:


Unknown said...

tht tote on the left in the 3rd pix looks familiar :)

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

the first bag in the pic looks so nice .. i like the subtle n sweet fabric used ...

and ohh look at your quilt bag .. i have yet to make one for myself .... rasa susah so detail n all ...