09 July 2010


We have a new addition to our family! Niece's cat had a litter about a month ago, four cutesy little kittens. Yummy Hubby and I just couldn't resist, and decided to adopt one of them.

Here she is, taking a little snooze on my lap, aawwwwww...

In line with family tradition, I had to whip up a little cat quilt for Molly . This one was done in a hurry:

I think it's cute, all pink and girly. Molly's so tiny when she's curled up she can fit into one of the squares! Here's a close up of the five squares, each 5 X 5 inches.

We thought Molly might be good company for Milo, our other kitty. I think he's a bit jealous, though. He keeps asking us to send her back...

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