02 July 2010


Meow meow!

It's very exciting in our house today. Mr Postman came by with some goodies. There was a package for Human Mummy and a big BIGGG envelope for me.

Human Mummy got some girly fabric:

She keeps ooh-ing and aahhh-ing all over them. She puts them away then 5 minutes later takes them out and the oohs and aaahs start again. What a Fabric Case!

Now the BESTEST bit, look what my package contained!! Human Mummy also bought me a bright yellow 'cat cube' and some fab toys from a place called England. Human Baba says that's very far away from our house and everyone there drinks nothing but tea. I love love lurrrveee my new toys, hee eeheeeeeee and am so happy!!! Thank you Human Mummy and Human Baba!

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