15 July 2010

A Big One

So we've been seeing baby quilts, wallhangings and other small stuff. It's time for A Big One...

It was quite a struggle I can tell you, because I'm so used to the smaller stuff. Oh the piecing part was fine, it was the quilting bit that almost had me tearing my (frizzy) hair out. It was all over my modest sewing machine. In the end it got quilted using so many different designs, depending which was easiest to manoeuvre at that time, and you can see this in the photo. And it wasn't really that big to begin with, about 5' X 7' or so. But I'm only an amateur quilter, so I suppose that's only to be expected. Kudos to those who quilt queen, king size quilts!

So this was my first big quilt. I hope it won't be the last, but I'm pretty sure that there won't be many more.

A Big One is now a permanent residence of my living room. In the day it's nice and folded but in the evenings we spread it out on the carpet and loll about on it with about 100 cushions when we watch TV. Total bliss!


Ayu said...

hey...jgn la give up lagi. It's very nice. I like your choice of fabric. The combination is just so sweet.

Zara said...

Thanks for the encouragement Ayu!

Okay, will keep trying and keep you posted.