01 December 2013

Custom Quilt

I made this a few weeks ago ... but am only able to share it now, after its been delivered.

This is for little Baby Husain...

His Mama contacted me saying her ideas for the quilt included red and blue (Husain's dad is a big Manchester United fan!), balls and dinosaurs (his first toy *cute*), and that Husain loves Baby Khalifah. Well, I couldn't do much about Baby Khalifah or the Red Devils, but I told her I could a quilt with red, blue, balls and dinosaurs.

And this is the end product:

Thank you Syamila and Baby Husain, I hope you like your quilt!


MamaDaniel said...

haha.. blue red.. ball and dino.. kalau dapat kat mamaD..mamaD pening dan kemudian beli panel online je.. muahaha.. apapun... quilt tu memang cantik! dan so fluffy! gerammm! :D

Zara said...

Aww MamaD, you could've have done this quilt easy!