25 April 2012

Bluggered. And a Finish

Is it just me or has Blogger recently changed its format for everyone else? I've been having some trouble with my posts ever since, specifically that new posts keep disappearing. What's worse is that the contents of said posts disappear too and I've had myself retype things only to have them pfoof off again. And one post was a really wordy one - arrrh arrh! Is anyone else having this problem or am I the only one being bluggered? (note : in case you're wondering this is a non-word created by self in fit of frustration).  I suppose it doesn't help that I'm completely useless with all this techie stuff either does it?

Anyway I'm hoping this post airs somewhere over the ethernet (and stays there).

Just thought I'd share my blanket finish - hip hip hurray!

It's currently being modelled on the double bed in our guest room.

I especially love the backing fabric - purchased from Nagoya. The little flower prints are so cuuuuute!

I've decided for this to be gifted to Nenek B. That's my Grandmama on Dad's side. The one with the Angry Bird(s) (from this post).  I think this will do really nicely for her. And with Mother's Day coming up soon, I'm glad I tackled this one when I did.

Now, let's see if this one gets into cyberspace...


MamaDaniel said...

Saya pun pening dengan Blogger!!!
I cannot find the button i usually hit! Didn't they know how important that button to me?? huhuhuhu.. Pening lalat..

Apa pun.. the blanket memang cantik dengan backing yang sangat manis.. :D well done cik zara (sambil tepuk2 bahu anda) ngeeeee

Zara said...

MamaD, you're too cute!