18 April 2012

Of Triumph and Disaster

Had a little bit of both in the past week.

Finished piecing my big UFO:


I have decided for this to be a blanket. As opposed to a quilt. Had my run over to our closest Nagoya (Malaysian textile store for those not in the know) for some backing fabric, and, fingers crossed there will be a new blanket in the house, hee!

And for something less triumphant, I present my banoffee pie.

A first time try. Induced by the overload of bananas found in the house recently. I used this recipe.

The pie base was good, the cream topping was good. But the fudge bit was a little bit of a disaster. I'm sure its supposed to taste like fudge or toffee, but mine had the taste and texture of plain ol' condensed milk - acck!
(Edited note : Condensed milk effect is probably due to lack of cooking talent on my end - and not to any fault in the recipe!)

Ah well. Where there's Up, there's down. There's Yin and there's Yang. So am not complaining.



MamaDaniel said...

blanket-to-be yang sangat cunnnnn!!!!


the pie = am drooollllllling..

FarahLin said...

It looks lovely! Such a good feeling to be able to finish a top, isn't it!? hehehe Can't wait to see the finished blankie... =)

Zara said...

Thanks MamaD, so kind as usual :-)
Hello FarahLin! I can't wait to finish the blankie too - but have started multiple projects (arrrgh!), so may have to wait :-(