22 April 2012


So I was all psyched to start quilting my 1930s Reproduction Quilt this weekend.

I found some cute pink and yellow plaid sort of print in my stash which I thought could do for the backing fabric. What do you think?

Then I started getting the normal things together, you know, batting, notions etc. And then found that I couldn't find all my basting pins. Arrgh!

I did find some, but all the others seem to have disappeared. I've looked and looked and now the only conclusion I can reach is that I may have accidently tipped the pin box into the rubbish bin. Or one of the Meows may have. Although they wouldn't have done so accidently I'm sure.

So now I have a grand total of SIX pins. I can't very well baste my quilt with 6 pins now can I?

I don't know if I should turn the sewing room inside out again to look for them. Although I suspect that I really can't be asked to. So quilt top, I suppose you'll just have to wait till I when I can get a re-stock of pins.

To everyone else - Happy Sunday!


FarahLin said...

Hi Zara, love the backing, goes well with the pastel colors of your top. Sorry to hear about your missing pins. I've tried basting my quilt with pins once and I had puckers on the back! Had to unpick the stitches and went back to the old method of basting and it has never failed me once! Thought maybe you would like to try that.

Have a good week ahead!

MamaDaniel said...

Cik Zara..
Baste half with the pin and another half using the old basting method.. crawl and stitch.. hehe.. ;)

happy basting!

FarahLin said...

Hi, just to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award - find the details on my blog


Zara said...

Hullo FarahLin!
I've just come from your blog - thank you!!! Will be spreading the love very soon :-)