03 May 2011

Starts and Stops

(Note : in keeping with the theme of this post, commentary will also be in stop-start fashion, ehehe)

Stopped : Hexagon quilt

Hit brick wall. No ideas how to continue the outer layers. Ah well, can't rush inspiration.

Started : More cushions - eheheeeee!

Labour day (we get labour day holiday here you know, Malaysia full of public holidays - another one in  couple weeks *big smile*), now where was I? Oh yes, my Labour Day project.

Using remaining bits from Annette Tatum's 'House' FQs:

To fit our standard sized 16 inch sq cushions. To match the big (30 inch sq) floor cushions made before:

Uggh, awful lighting in living room. Better light in "The Office" aka sewing room:

Ahhh, that's better :-)

Even enough scraps left over to make little quilted patchwork pouch :

Annette Tatum stash all finished.

Stopped : 'Spirited' lap quilt for friend Down Under

Perfectly justifiable excuse! Postman hasn't arrived with backing fabric!!!

Started : Batik Skirt

Couldn't resist buying these when on Langkawi:

Batik 'chop' or hand printed batik -  Guessing 'chop' refers to the stamping process when batik is printed: Dip (in wax), chop/stamp (on the fabric). Dip, chop. Dip, chop. Get it?

Results next.

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The Fabric Garden said...

you sew really fast! gosh i'm jealous :) love the pouch la... any tutorial ;-)