30 April 2011

Celebrations! And Some Updates...

So did everyone catch the wonderful wedding yesterday? Wasn't it just beaaaauuuutiful? And oh, so romantic?

I was one of those who took the day off work yesterday, and had myself firmly planted in front of the telly from 6 am on the wedding day (GMT of course).  I don't know about you, but I just absolutely, positively LURRRVE weddings (something my Yummy Hubby has never been able to understand - I'm just thankful he showed up to mine, eheheh), and this wedding certainly evoked a multitude of emotions within me, as I'm sure it did with millions of others too.

Admittedly, some tears were shed, especially when the young Princes first emerged. I'm quite certain that I'm not alone when I say that the only person I could think of was their late mother.  I was still living in London that awful August morning in 1997, and the image of 2 young boys marching bravely behind the casket of their mother,  amid the unspeakable shock and sadness that enveloped the nation, remains vivid in my memory.

Then the past was interrupted by the arrival of the bride (don't you just LOVE that lace?), and the vows were spoken, the service delivered, and finally, the kiss!

Upon which different tears were shed. Tears of love, and joy and hope.

Now, don't take me for a royalist. Or an imperialist, a republic, a democrat, a political activist even. Whether I am or am not, this is not the forum for it. What I surely AM, though, is an advocate for exactly what (I hope) the world witnessed yesterday: love, and joy and hope. Which in my opinion is just what we need more of in this crazy world.

That, and more fabric, of course :-)

And so, in between the celebrations, my hexagon circle grew. I have no idea as yet what it will be, but it sure is fun to watch it develop. I've added a new print to the piece, a pink print with little white flowers. It now measures approximately 2 feet across, but I don't think it's finished just yet. We'll see how it goes.

I've also finished my Spirit charm pack quilt top this last week... tadaah!

I'm really pleased with how the colours panned out. You probably can't see it in the pictures, but the solid is actually a light yellow, a Bella Solid in Butter.

Here's my Milo getting into the act:

After much thought I've decided that this quilt top is NOT finished yet. It measures 45" x 52" as it is now. Although the intended recipient is rather smallish built, I think a little expansion in the size (of the quilt that is, not the recipient!) is in order.

So no quilting as yet. But soon, surely soon.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!


Jan Maree said...

I thought the wedding was lovely too. Your hexagons are also lovely - very pretty and I really like your quilt top. I shall be looking forward to seeing both completed.

MamaDaniel said...

Waa.. saya pun tengok wedding ceremony itu.. tapi siaran tertunda la.. hehe.. i do..i do.. i do do do do do do do.. (love this song!)

and love the hexy yang sexy itu.. as well as the top yang milo minat itu.. sungguh classsss!


The Fabric Garden said...

such beautiful work Zara!