23 May 2011

Spirited Away!

And 'Spirited' is off to its new home.

But not before some photos were taken:

Measuring approximately 50" X 60".

Perfect throw size to cuddle up with in front of the telly on a cold evening.

A bit of an announcement now.  I'll be taking a short break from posting. Not too long, a few days or so, a couple of weeks maybe. There're too many things going on at the moment, too many thoughts whirling around, and I've realized I'm getting a little tired in the head. Thinking of fabric is a good thing, but not when it becomes tiring you know.

So I'll be off now. See everyone soon!

1 comment:

MamaDaniel said...

Spirited tu super cool!!!

see you soon! jgn pergi lama2 tau.. nanti semua orang windu! hehehehe..