09 May 2011


Is it giveaway time?!

I've noticed in the last week that I've hit the 5000 milestone - this blog has had 5000 hits! This may seem insignificant compared to some others, but I'm as happeeee as can be!

So, I'm having a little giveaway to celebrate. A tiny token of my thanks to all of you who have visited, commented (even though sometimes I don't get a chance, or forget, to reply), and not forgetting those who've helped me de-stash! To all of you - thank you thank you thank you - Muah!

So I've got, not 1, not 2, but THREE fabric sets up for grabs:

Up first - Moda Saltbox Harvest Set
Made up of 1 Moda Saltbox Harvest Charm Pack + 1/2 yard Saltbox Trees on Cream

Number 2  - Ice Blue Fat Quarter Set
Made up of 1 FQ each of: 
(from top to bottom) New Star - Makeower UK, House - Annette Tatum and Blizzard - RED Intl Textiles

Occasionally I get a hit from overseas, so especially for international visitors, I'm offering a length (about 2 yards in total) of printed batik. Check out these colours:

So then, for a chance to win, all you have to do is answer these 3 questions:

1. What is the temperature at the peak of Mt Kinabalu (highest mountain in Malaysia) in December?

2. What is Sherlock Holmes real (ie birth) name?

2. What is... okay okay, I'm KIDDING! eheheheee!!

Seriously now, for a chance to win, simply leave a comment to this post telling me what's your favourite craft and your current project. Actually, any old comment will do :-)

This giveaway will remain open until noon (Malaysian time) on Sunday, 15 May 2011, on which time I will get Milo to pick out 3 names from a pot.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


Anic said...

Congratulations for hitting the milestone... and yes, would definitely like to win. :)

My favourite craft is fabric craft... making begs (instead of bags.. LOL). Have just completed a bag using an old pair of jeans.

mamikelate said...

my faveret craft? Sewing pants for my kids and bags....and just finished with the biri2 plushie.
LOve the fabrics!

Michele T said...

You had me worried with Q 1 & 2!! Whew! Currently I just finished a monogram pillow for my BIL's birthday and next up is a wall hanging for my eldest sister!! Thanks for this sweet giveaway!! Congrats on the milestone!

The Fabric Garden said...

congratulation on the milestone!
you've been my inspiration to start quilt and you still are :)
you know my fav, it's still quilting!
currently working on a larger project, a single size quilt for my 8 yr old niece :)

Azaidris said...

Congratulation the hits!
I'm a bag person so can nvr hv enuf bags. Lucky i learned to make them ;). Would like to gv making quilt a try one day. Maybe hehehe

Handmadebygee said...

My favourite craft is fabric craft and felt craft.. just finish sewing a diaper bag and next project is diaper pouch n diaper stacker..:):):)

thanks for the giveaway...

NoEn said...

congratz ..

my favorite craft is fabric craft.
currently my passion is toward making my princess dress lol...

just finish sewing nursing blouse for one of my friend and WIP my princess dress :)

Thanks for the GA :)

SewLove said...

congrat sis,

currently nurul on rehab,hehe but very heart to make bags, owh can picture already what can i do with the pretty fabric..a new design lappy sleeve?hope can win ^ ^

Lisa said...


bought charm packs from u before.current project is two fold wallet using the packs i bought from u..loves fabric crafts and felt crafts as well. Keen to indulge myself to clay craft now..

come n visit my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello sis! COngrats!

I love all those kind of crafts but the most was the fabric crafts because i'd just love to see something made from fabric for examples,the handbag,purse and pouch.

i'd always made some special crafts for my love one because i think that craft is a handmade things and i would very sincerely made it for them.Whenever the crafts is done,i would very satisfied with it because i made it only special for them.

currently,i was thinking to sew a small keychains jerseys for the bf since his birthday will be nextmonth.Im still searching on how to make them ;)

Have a nice day!

nisa said...

congrats on the hit...

anything to do with fabrics is my fav craft.. luv to sew clothes for my lil girl...

i just finish sewing margaret bag.. it's my first time sewing bag n i luv it.. luv to try other bag pattern...

currently i'm trying to sew for my hubby...a 'baju melayu 4 hari raya project'... maybe...

tq 4 this giveaway..n hav a nice day...

MamaDaniel said...

phewwww... lap peluh dulu..ingatkan btol kena jawab soklan tu.. dah nak google dah tadi.. hahaha..

anyway, congratulation on the 5,000 plus hits.. many more will come! percayalah! heeheheheee

favourite craft kita adalah patchwork.. :) suka racik-racik kain.. hahaha..

sekarang ni nak siapkan 1 baby quilt untuk kawan.. oleh kerana kawan kahwin x dapat datang, maka ini adalah wedding gift tertunggak.. hahaha.. :)

tahniah on this giveaway too! cayalah!


p/s: mahap ek.. komen mcm karangan la plak! ;)

Mila@Rimbun said...

Count me in..
I passionate to patchwork, especially on making small things such as baby blanket, pot holder, table runner etc etc, but till now have no courage to do bigger project on patchwork n quilt like single size quilt blanket huhu.. bila ntah nak memberanikan diri

Bakawali said...

congrats on the hits... you truly deserve it.

I love any craft that gets me making usable and memorable stuff for others but currently i love making bags, wallets etc....

keep on making wonderful stuff and i'm sure you will soon hit 1million hits

Rosh said...

Phew! What a relief! Luckily, you're just pulling our legs. Legaa...

Congrats ya. GA? I'm in! I'm in! The prizes are sooo irresistable.

I love anything related to crafts but of course fabric craft is top on the list. Currently, I'm making bags & this weekend must make goodies for my kids' teachers. (tau2 jer la, Teacher's Day is next week). The truth is I want to do a lot of things... even dress making. So greedy, kan? Anyway, keep on quilting ya! So far, still not sure how to quilt properly.. So much to learn. That's why I'm your follower.. to get inspirations..

Nomaliza Azman said...

I'm joining too! Currently I am making bags, obviously because I sell hand made bags. I never win anything that base on luck haha...but I had to try anyway.

visit my blogs:

Nomaliza Azman said...

Oh...lupa, I want No.1 please :)

opsiedaisy said...

Hi ...I hope you don't mind a last minuteparticipation... :)
Congrats on the no of hits...i'm not sure what mine is :P

Well...i like making aprons and sew little girl's dress esp. for my little girl.

and at the moment i am sewing a dressfor my little one in the tummy...:)