18 May 2011


So yesterday was a public holiday here.

So I sat down in The Office with my cup of coffee, looking for a little inspiration, you know.

So there were a few loose charm squares lying about. Okay, so there were a lot of loose charms lying about (I'm charm pack-obsessed, as if you don't already know).

And then wham bam alakazam, it hit me. I thought, "Let's make a little case for the iPhone."

And before you know it, I had 7, SEVEN, of these all sewed up.

Did I say SEVEN? Here are some more... ehehee!

These photos were taken with the iPhone, so I couldn't model the phone actually IN the pouch, you know?

There are 3 more which I didn't take photos of, and can't now, because I brought them to the office (the day job one) and they've all disappeared.

Each pouch was made using just 3 charms, one for the front, one the back, and the third for the flap.

Oo happy day!


Mila@Rimbun said...

small n simple project macam ni adalah theraphy yg paling berkesan kan.
I like the snail one.. soo cute

Marie said...

lovely..i suka the pinky one ;)

Unknown said...

they are so cute! very tempting fabrics..ehehe

Unknown said...

dearest you should make more of these! i was about to link you to my fb account cos i'm sure ramai yang suka iphone pouch ni!

cheers to more cute projects!!

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

chop !!! i love the yellow one .. BUT i dont have an iPhone huhuhu


MamaDaniel said...

tujuh? macam 7 hari seminggu? boleh salin baju iPhone hari2..? wow!!!

btw.. header baru tu sangat hot okey!!! geram tgk! hehehehe