14 March 2011

Scrappy Yards

This week I have 2 scrap bundles up for grabs.

Each bundle is made up of scraps of different fabric for a sum total size of approximately 1 yard (36" X 44"). Great for patchwork beginners, and miscellaneous craft projects.

The first bundle is made up of mostly flora and fauna fabrics:

Mostly Floral Scrap Bundle : Pic 1
Mostly Floral Scrap Bundle : Pic 2

And the second is mostly cut from bright fabrics:

Mostly Brights Scrap Bundle : Pic 1
Mostly Brights Scrap Bundle : Pic 2

Each scrappy bundle is RM25.00 (postage included within Malaysia).
Shipping will be via Pos Express. 

Also available are 2 Moda's City Weekend Charm Packs:

Each pack is RM38.00
Postage is RM3.50 via Pos Express within Malaysia.

Happy crafting everyone!


SewLove said...

nurul nak yg bright colors tue..chop dulu.hehe

Zara said...

Hi Nurul,

Wow that was quick! I've sent you an email on this (got it from your blog, in case you were wondering hee), so watch out for the Cyber Postman.

Thanks for looking

Mila@Rimbun said...

zara.. I nak satu charm pack n 1 scrappy bundle... nnt email me yer.. my.milakamila@gmail.com

Lisa said...

i want one flower scrappy bundle too.

my email : lisa_peter80@yahoo.com.my


Zara said...

Thanks Mila, will be sending you an email shortly.

Lisa, I must apologize, but you're just a little bit late. Both scrap bundles seem to have been taken.

I will definitely let you know if one becomes available.

Thanks for looking.

Nurul said...

akak, after work nurul bank in kan..nnti dah bank in nurul bagitau akak :D

Lyana Mansor said...

alamak..dah sold out ke?

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

eshhh tak dan nak kata apa haih .. semua dah dirembat ..


Zara said...

So sorry Lyana and Anique, no more scrappy bundles. There's still one City Weekend Charm Pack left though...

MamaDaniel said...

alamak.. terlambat sudah... bukan rezeki kita kak An... hhehehehe...

MamaDaniel said...

Zara... x perasan your latest comment.. saya nak charm pack tu... smpat lagi tak saya nih? hehe... email me: mama.daniel@gmail.com

Zara said...

Hi MamaD,
Yes the CP is still available - I've sent you an email.
Mila, you know what I just realised? I sent you an email at the wrong address, so I've just resent it now. So sorry! Getting old...

The Fabric Garden said...

Zara, I think you know what I want :)
Saw that someone has booked the charm pack but you said 2, so is there another left? would love to have it :)

Nana Osman said...

Hi .... ada tak scrap bundle yg baru nak jual...? kalau ada....sy berminat nak beli .... nak buat fabric flower .... do email me at atheena_2503@yahoo.com