06 March 2011

Reversible Bucket Bag - Sew Along

Ok, I've been putting this off for long enough.

I signed up for My Botang's Reversible Bucket Bag Sew Along last month, but am ashamed to say that I've yet to get started... I have an aversion to making bags and totes, because I tend to struggle with them. For me, they're a challenge, and I take my hat off to all those lovely ladies who seem to effortlessly produce beautiful bags and purses.

But now I've decided, enough procrastinating. It's time to tackle this baby.

I know I'm a bit late. Okay, who am I kidding? I'm a lot late, eheheh. So I'm setting myself a deadline. I'm going to concentrate on this project this week. My blinkers are on, and I'm not going to be distracted *fingers crossed*. No, really.

I've got my fabric and supplies (well, sort of). Sorry no photo's this time. It's a sleepy Sunday and I'm too lazy.

But there will be in my next post.

Wish me luck!


SewLove said...

hihi same la..nurul pun mende pun x start lagi nie..hmm by disweek tekad nak siapkan gak..

so gudluck tau..sy esok baru nak print pattern huhu

MyBotanG said...

yeay... finally :)
all the best.. can't wait to see your progress..
*all ready with my cheer leading pony tail and pom pom* (costume's at the cleaner.. hehehe)

MamaDaniel said...

good luck zara.. jom kita siapkan sesama sebelum 15 March... hehehe.. 2011 ek... hehehe

Zara said...

MamaD, you're funny you know? OK, 2011 it is! (notice I haven't commited on a month, eheheh).

Nurul, Yes!! Let's catch up together-gether! Can you see Sue cheering us on from the sidelines??

SewLove said...

zara, i just finish the bag..took me 2 nights to sew it up,sigh..tonite i will upload the pics :D :D