21 March 2011

Little Outfits

Here's something you don't know about me :

I used to make clothes.
Little clothes for little people.
But this was a looong time ago, before I discovered patchwork and quilting.

So when I was cleaning out some of my stuff this last weekend, I chanced upon some of the books/magazines I used to buy on dressmaking. And had a little trip down memory lane. I have no idea what happened to all the little dresses I made. I think Mum might have found them and given them away. But I digress as usual.

Now the point is, I can't really see myself sewing little clothes anymore. So I think these magazines might be of better use to someone else.

Magazine No. 1 : Cover

Pages from the inside

Pages from the inside

Magazine No. 2 : Cover

Pages from the inside

Pages from the inside

Price : RM15.00 each + RM4.50 postage within Malaysia.

Things you should know: These books are used. And in Japanese. But there're plenty of illustrations so it really is quite easy to follow.

Do let me know if you're interested.


nisa said...

am very interested 4 both mag...


Rosh said...

i think i'm a litte bit late but if u still have any mag like this, let me know ya. rosheya@gmail.com

Zara said...

Thank you dearie!
Thanks for your interest, will definitely let you know if I come across anymore.