20 March 2011

Princess Fairies Tote

I must say the Sew Along organized by Sue of MyBotang has left me a bit more adventurous than usual about making bags. So I'm riding the wave, and this weekend came up with another tote:

I made another attempt at using the 'plywood' interfacing, this time taking Sue's advice about trimming the interfacing to just inside the seam line, so that I don't actually sew on it. It worked much better (thanks again Sue!), but I'm still not getting the feel of this type of interfacing. Which is a shame, as I'm sort of liking the 'body' it gives to the bags.

I even tried my first ever attempt at magnetic snaps (told you I'm feeling adventurous). I've had a few of these in my sewing box for a while, but have always been too nervous about using them. Turns out they're easy as - snap!

I just love these pretty princesses. Now all I have to do is decide which one of the many little princesses I know will get this cute tote.

Have a good week ahead all!


Mila@Rimbun said...

sewing bag is like taking a drug, buat sekali, mesti nak cuba lagi n lagi.. betul tak.

SewLove said...

nurul pun penah try yg plywood tue, yg jenis fusible..hehe mmg fail, keras semacam pastu kain jadi kedut2..sigh, x cantik jadinye..

MamaDaniel said...

Princess dengan birthday paling hampir.. (saya ke??) hehehe... perahsan!

snap button tu memang senang ke? saya pun x pernah try.. sbb nmpk dia mcm complex sikit.. hehe.. must try..must try..!

MyBotanG said...

for best feel, try the cotton interface, it feels just like your fabric, but with an added support, or lined your bag with thicker/heavier cotton.

the tote is super cute.. did you add a pocket inside..?

well done.. zipper next..?

Zara said...

Mila, Yes! It is addictive is it not?
Nurul, hmmm I know what you mean about the plywood. Is it time to give it up, do you think?
MamaD, so which princess is having a birthday soon? Ooh, but you must give the magnetic snaps a go, it's so senang!
Sue, yikes! there's that big 'Z' word again! I'm not brave enough for sure!