11 March 2011

Quilters' Husbands

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just can't find the time during the day to visit the craft shops. I have a day job, which takes me away during the business hours of my local quilt shop.

And so what's a girl to do, but bat her eyelashes at her other half and ask sweetly if he'd mind picking up some things.

Which happens quite a lot with me.

So far, Yummy Hubby has been very good at coming back from Cottage Patch with my orders.

I've sometimes wondered what transpires everytime he goes there, and in my mind I picture it to go something like this...

*Door buzzer*

Yummy Hubby : Hello!

Alice Cottage Patch: Good morning! Oh, it's you Sir, I see your wife has sent you again.

YH : *Looks sheepish*

Alice : So, what can we get for her this time?

YH : *Hands reach inside pocket, pulls out some fluff, a bit of paper. Reaches into other pocket pulls out some keys on a ring and some loose change. Stuffs everything back into another pocket and looks at Alice* Eerrr... she wants to make something from fabric?

Alice : Uh huh, that's generally why people are here...

YH : Oh yes, I remember! *cheers up considerably*  Floosy pearl fleas!

Alice : *Silence*

YH : *Silence?*

Alice : And what would she be using the floosy pearl fleas for?

YH : *Blank look*

Alice : Okay, lets do this another way. Do you know what she's making currently?

YH :  *Thinks : Why oh why do I always agree to do this?*

Alice : *Sighs* Let's start again. Do you remember if she's mentioned any particular project lately? Quilters usually talk about what they're making or planning to make... quilts, applique, patterns, bags...

YH : Yes, bags!! A bag. I think she mentioned something about making a reversing bag. She says it'll look like a pail. Although I cannot imagine who would want to make a bag that looks like a pail.  Even if it does reverse.

Alice : Uh huh, but let's stay with the bag for the moment. If she's making a bag, she will need fabric of course - did she ask you to buy fabric? I don't think so, she normally chooses them herself. So then she would need some interfacing, some lining for the bag. Something fusible. Wait, fusible...floosy pearl?? Oh! *light bulb goes off* She needs some FUSIBLE FLEECE! *Looks expectantly at YH for confirmation*.

YH : *Blinks* Yes, isn't that what I said? Floosy pearl fleas.

Alice : Of course you did, Sir. *big smile*. I'll go get some, I think a metre would be more than enough. *Starts to walk away*.

YH : Thanks, and oh, before I forget, she's asked for a couple of metres of her usual backing too.

Alice : Got it. Half a metre of fusible fleece, and 2 metres of low loft batting coming right up.


Mila@Rimbun said...

hahaha.. floosy pearl fleas :lol

SewLove said...

bwahaha..so funny when i imagine the drama..at least your husband willing to go there to buy for you..

my bf already said 'no', he dont know and bla bla..dont want to make a fool of himself..take your time arrange yourself,he wouldnt mind..hehe :D :D

MamaDaniel said...

Hahaha... kelakar.. tapi apa pun.. pujian harus diberikan dengan hubby yang amat memahami hobi kita sebagai quilter.. haha... sungguh supportive.. :D

nak tanya.. fusible fleece tu brape rm ek? thanks.. :D

opsiedaisy said...

this so funny....

can't imagine hubby doing this...let alone do groceries....:P

MyBotanG said...

hahahah pandai la you kutuk your yummy hubby *love the nickname by the way* ntah-2 he's so at ease and macho kat kedai tu..

Azaidris said...

Hilarious! I'm still smilling while wriiting this..floosy pearl fleas...Hahahah Good one!