31 October 2010

Scrappy Pinks

It's been a busy week.

At work (yes I do have a day job!) things are going CRAZEEEEEE so hobbies have had to take a back seat for a while. Having said that, I've still managed to do a little bit here and there. Even as little as 15 or 20 minutes a day of cutting or fiddling about with the sewing machine or hand stitching something or just taking out a charm pack and fantasizing what I could do with it, takes much of my mind off whatever it is that's bothering me at work.

I've started another project, but of course 15 minutes a day for a week is not going to give me enough material to show to you, so am going to show you another project I finished some time ago. I had ordered a scrap bag from a vendor off Craftzone Malaysia (link in my sidebar). When the package came I found most of the scraps were, coincidently I guess, pink. So I pulled out some of my own pink scraps and came up with enough to make a small coin quilt.

If you've never tried a stacked coins quilt, you MUST, because it's really really easy peasy. I know I keep saying I should do more tutorials for those of you just beginning to quilt... and I haven't! I will soon, I promise (taking fingers off keyboard to cross them now :-P). But anyways, if you look at the finished product I'm sure you'll figure how to make one, coz it's so EASY.

Some pictures now.

Here it is pieced and being quilted on my humble Singer.

Practicing my stipple:

Finished! And blowing on the washing line. I decided to add the blue fabric with little pink flowers to balance out what might otherwise be a too-pink finish.

Close up.

Quilt finishes at about 3 feet by 4 feet. Perfect size for a stroller quilt or playmat.

It's back to work for me tomorrow, *sigh*. Till the next time, hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Mila@Rimbun said...

I should try this in future.. look s easy.

by the way.. which type of batting that u use? the compact one or the fluffy one- sorry, dont really know the correct word/term to use and where did you bought it? sorry banyak soklan plak hihi.. saya budak baru belajar

Zara said...

Hello Mila!

Yes you really must try it, coz is so easy. I use poly batting. There's high loft (fluffy) and low loft (not so fluffy). I use the low loft because (I'm hoping) it's not so warm compared to the more fluffy one. Of course the best is cotton batting, but a is a bit more pricey. I get mine at Cottage Patch in Ampang. They have a website with directions. Just google 'cottage patch ampang'.

Hope this helps!

Mila@Rimbun said...

Many thanks for the info, I have been to craftworld but yet to Cottage Patch.. will pay them a visit in near future...