12 October 2010

Motto of the Week

I have a new motto this week. Actually I have a couple of choices, it's a close race between "Don't look too closely" and "Close one eye".

I'm working on a couple of projects at the moment. One of which is a quilt made up of teeny squares. The finished size of each square is 2". Or perhaps I should say approximately 2".

I tried really hard to make each square identical and aligned as I pieced them, taking extra care with the seam allowances and even squaring up each pieced block consistently. BUT when it came to putting it all together, the squares seemed to run riot and dance around all over my sewing table as I tried to sew the rows together.

And the result of the uprising:


For heaven's sake...!

So before I get my knickers in a twist and go loco with the seam ripper, I tell myself, and I'd like to ask you too, "Don't look to closely."


In fact, the further away the better :-)

It doesn't look so bad when you "Close one eye" either does it, heh heh?

Here it is, layered and basted. Planning to have it quilted this weekend. More pics soon.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


Mrs Picklebalm said...

way I look at it is those who notice that everything is slight off should not be looking at all.
lets face it we are all human and have better things to worry about, I think its great , and its all your own work if it was perfect it would not be the same

Anic said...

Hi Zara,
It looks great!!!

We don't have to be perfectionist... what we need to be is to be happy.. :)

Warmest regards,

MyBotanG said...

Just stuck your nose up a bit and say I did it on purpose, I'm trying to make a statement to not conform...theeheehee :D

(the quilt looks gorgeous!! just the way it is)

Zara said...

Thanks guys for your encouraging comments!
Quilter's are such positive people, I like!