09 October 2010

Out of Ideas

Recently at the office, my dear colleague Jane surprised me with a huge bag of scraps. Jane is a very talented and creative lady, sometimes she makes her own gorgeous clothes, and get this... She sews them BY HAND!!! She also makes beautiful jewelry, which you can see here.

Back to the scrap bag. I was a bit flummoxed when I saw the contents, as the material in it was NOT the standard cotton that we quilters are accustomed to. As the scraps came from dressmaking, the fabric consisted of fabric more suited for apparel. And a lot of it is the slippy sheer stuff. Not that any of that mattered to Jane. When I meekly voiced this out to her, she suggested that I could use it to bind Milo the next time he's naughty....

So now the fabric is in a bin in The Office (aka my sewing room). Everytime I go in there I feel like they're looking up at me with big round eyes, begging me to use them. Only I'm not sure how. The problem, is the only things I can think of to make with this type of fabric are scrunchies and shoe bags. Some of the viscose can be used for cushion cases, I suppose, but other than that?

Any ideas anyone?


MyBotanG said...

use them in some applique projects or just give them away.. *grin*
(I inherited my mom's scrap fabrics and she used to make baju kurung and such.. and I had lots of such fabrics, I used some in my applique, chop them up and use as stuffing for big cushions.. and over time they just seemed to have totally vanished.. hehehe)

Zara said...

Wow, I never thought of applique, thanks! I've actually used the bigger pieces for cushions, will post pics of them soon.