06 October 2010

An Early Project

While we're on the subject of disappearing nine patches, I found a pic of this little quilt I made yonks ago, when I was a newbie to patchwork.

Actually it's not even a quilt, just a patchwork piece with a backing underneath. It's a tiny piece of work, measuring maybe about 1.5' X 2.5'. IT hasn't got a name, although looking back I might call it "The Experiment" because in truth that was what it was. I made 4 blocks out of a potpourri of different squares, then dissected each down the middle to come up with 4 DNP blocks. Add some sashing and there you go.

Sounds so easy now doesn't it? But I can assure you it wasn't so at that time.  Those days I didn't really have a fabric stash, so IT was made up of whatever scraps of fabric I could find around the house at that time. I can see some bits from an old pair of shorts, another bit from somebody's sarong, some upholstery fabric I used for curtains and the dark red is from some ikat* fabric leftover from making one of Yummy Hubby's shirts. (Having a little laugh identifying all the different fabric and their secret pasts, haha!)

IT doesn't live with us anymore. We had used it to wrap up a little ginger stray when we gave it (the ginger, that is) away a couple of years ago.

* Ikat = a woven fabric native to the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

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