22 September 2013

One More Block

Remember these scrappy log cabin blocks?

I've been busy this weekend, and now I have this:

24 10 inch blocks. (Err, please try and ignore the laundry basket in the corner)

Just one more block and I'll have myself a little scrappy quilt!

Although now thinking about it, I might consider adding an extra row...

And while attacking my scraps, I've also cut up a bunch of 4 inch squares.

I feel that there may be another patchwork quilt in the near future :-)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


MamaDaniel said...

'the scraps' tu hasil dari projek ni ke cik zara? hihihi... ;) ;) ;)

i just love no-rules-scrap-quilt.. memang hensem! tapi belum berani buat.. ngeeee.. :D

Anonymous said...

wow.. perlukan minat mendalam ni cantum semua pcs tu :)

Jom usha koleksi Resepi, Petua, Gambar & Cerita @  buatwanita.blogspot.com

Zara said...

Hi MamaD, yes a lot of 'the scraps' came form these blocks, heheh.
Buatwanita, i'll be checking out your blog soon.
Thanks for visiting ladies!

Zura said...

Gorgeous blocks! Makes me want to attack my scraps too sighhh..