01 July 2012

The Week In Pictures

More FMQ Practice :

The good (ish)

The bad

The ugly

A Yummy Hubby Find at Local Nursery :

Desert roses

In red and white!

A Dose of Fiction :

Warning : Un-put-downable

A Surprise Package (thanks Zeti!):

FQ from New Zealand!

Mini Kiwi hexagon *love*

Caught Tailing Yummy Hubby on Morning Walk :


Hope everyone had a great week - have a happy July!


Diah Rothman said...

Your FMQ is gradually forming ..... Great, keep it up :)

MamaDaniel said...

FMQ = rajin!!

Kiwi hexagon = cute sangat!

Ayam = memang cute!

Bunga = jealous! just because I don't have any.. hahaha

The book = review please... hehehehe.. ;)

Rosh said...

wow! wow! wow! that kiwi hexagon... adoii.. so cute la. can't wait to see the outcome.. Btw, don't forget to make a book review too... or maybe i should buy one for myself, heh?.. ;)

Zara said...

Hello KDee!
Yes my FMQ is happening slooooowwwwwly heheh.

Rosh & MamaD,
Just for you gals I've posted a review :-)